Risks and Recovery of Possible Sexual Side Effects from Finasteride

Possible Side Effects

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2017-02-03 09:47:12

11 Replies to “Risks and Recovery of Possible Sexual Side Effects from Finasteride”

  1. is scalp PRP with acells, painful? during the procedure or for a few days after?

    if clients are from other countries, is it safe to fly home immediately after the procedure if scalp PRP/acells causes a few days of facial swelling?

  2. I took this garbage for a few months and didn't get the sexual sides but devastating physical sides of massive weight and body changes..Low testosterone had to see a Neuro hormone specialist..

  3. Hi Mr Prasad , ı'm 19 year old and i have a genetical hair loss, and sorry but I'm in the another country ı can't come in USA.Should I take 1 mg Finasteride in the day? Or Should I use minoxidil, or something else ? What is your suggestion sır? ,thank you.

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