Car Toon

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Car Toon

Well, its Tutorial Tuesday again and today we get two tutorials and one tip all for the price of… Free!

First, is the tip: do not delete your original files. I did that here on accident and was left with an image that I didn’t particularly love in terms of processing. With that being said, I felt I needed to do something else to it to make it worthy of sharing. Since I didn’t have the RAW files, I couldn’t re-run through Photomatix or HDR Efex Pro. Hmmmmm

I know, I would shrink the car! This is a fairly easy old school Photoshop technique. Grab your car image, preferrably one where the car sits mostly horizontal. Duplicate your background layer and name it "Squished". With the Squished layer selected, go to Edit>Transform>Scale and push the side handles inward until the car looks, well, squished. Go back to the background layer and make a rough selection around the front wheel and tire. It does not have to be perfect. Hit Command-J (or Control-J for PC) to duplicate this selection on its own layer. Repeat for the rear wheel and tire. Select the Squished layer and move beneath your two new tire selection layers. Hide your background layer. What we are going to do is replace the squished wheels with the full sized wheels to reinforce the notion that the car is squished. Now using the Move tool, relocate the front wheel as necessary to better blend. You may have to very slightly rotate it well. Use the eraser tool at 50% to blend the edges as necessary. You may also need the Patch or CLone Stamp tools for a few minor clean up areas. Repeat for the rear wheel. Congrats! You just squished your car! You could be done here by cropping the image and saving under a new name… but WE are not done yet.

Now for our Disney Cars effect; search Google for a Cars wallpaper appropriate for your particular image, the higher resolution the better. Once found, bring it into Photoshop. Make a rough selection around the mouth of the Car. Copy your selection and paste it into your squished car image. Roughly align the mouth with the grille area of your car. Don’t worry about the color just yet. Now, using a combination of the Edit>Transform tools adjust the perspective and curvature to match. Repeat for the eyes and windshield area. Use the eraser tool at 50% or so as necessary to best blend. With the eraser tool selected, reduce your brush size and lower its opacity to 15%. Again, you may need some minor clone stamping to clear any problem areas. Now carefully erase the white area around the eyes to bring back some of the original lighting on the windshield.

Ok, its time to fix the color. There are a few ways to do this. You can use hue and saturation layers to make the color of the mouth and eyes match your car, you can sample a color from your car and carefully paint over the areas in color blend mode, or you can use the color replacement tool (Image>Adjustments>Replace Color). I did the color replacement method, and probably did not do it as efficiently as possible either. Make a rough selection around the eyes and mouth areas with the color you want to replace and make sure to include some of the regular color of the car as well. Copy your selection, open a new Photoshop document and paste in your selection. Grab the color replacement tool and go to work. Select the color you want to replace with the dropper. Change your dropper to the one with the little "+" sign next to it and keep clicking in different areas of the color you want to replace. You will see your selection beginning to grow. Once you think you have it all, go down to the replacement portion of the window and click the swatch. You will now have a new dropper. Use it to select the regular color of your car. You may have to try this a few times to get a good result, especially if your car was under uneven lighting conditions. Once it is "close enough", click OK. Now, grab the dropper tool and sample the regular car again. Switch to the brush tool, change blending mode to color, change opacity to 35% and begin painting in original color where the color replacement tool did not do its job properly.

Once happy, you can finish your image by re-cropping as needed and saving under a new file name.

Voila! Your car is now a cartoonish Disney Cars squished car!

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