722 Triumph Gloria Six Flow Free Saloon (1938)

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722 Triumph Gloria Six Flow Free Saloon (1938)

Triumph Gloria Six Flow Free Saloon (1938) Engine 2107cc Production 7
Registration Number CKU 928
The Gloria Six along with its sibling the Gloria Four were entirely new designs. The Six rode on a 116 inch wheelbase and was initially powered by a 1991cc S6 the four bearing Coventry Climax.
From 1935 the cars received simpler radiators and enlarged 2107cc engine together with refinements including metalic paintwork
The Flow Free was designed by in house stylist Walter Belgrove around 1934-35 for exhibition at the 1935 Olypia Motor Show. 1935 was described as the streamline year and several manudfacturers displayed their versions of wind cheating cars, with very few getting past the prototype stage. The Flow Free was well received but at £ 425 expensive and despite its good looks, Triumph produced only seven cars. Of which there are no survivors.
A few bodies were sold on to fringe coachwork companies, one of which was Cooper Motor Bodies of Putney Bridge Road, London who specialised in buying end-of-the-run bodies inexpensively from major motor manufacturers. They decided to fit one of the bodies onto a 1931 Bentley Four-Litre chassis, registration number OV 4754. The body had minimal alterations But the rear end had to be extended downwards, as was the bodywork beneath the doors at the sides to accommodate the increased depth of the larger car’s chassis. The rear wings were also considerably enlarged to cope with the bigger tyres and wheels, and a new bonnet and front wings were constructed. in 1994 the Bentley owner decided to re-body the car with a replica Vanden Plas body, and stripped the Triuph body.
Step forward Triumph expert restorer Rob Green who purchased the body and at the same time purchased a derelect 1938 Triumph Vitesse Six Saloon, which was beyond salvage, and so with a great deal of work the Flow-Free body was grafted to a period Triumph chassis. In effect Rob had to reverse all the previous alterations made to the main body. It has the later two litre six cylinder ohv engine as fitted to the 1938 Vitesse car but overall it is as near as possible to an original 1935 Flow-Free model other than the later Vitesse radiator grille.
A fantastic and unique car.

Shot taken 7:08:2011 at Prescot VSCC Hillclimb, Gothrington Ref: 77-722
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