Blowing seagulls up with alka seltzer

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2012-08-27 19:57:46

43 Replies to “Blowing seagulls up with alka seltzer”

  1. Where did people get the idea seagulls would explode or at least die from eating Alka-Seltzer? Nothing they swallow goes straight to their stomach. It first goes into their crop, a little pouch just past the throat, to await passage into the gizzard, a muscular portion of the digestive tract that uses swallowed stones to grind down food the bird swallows before it passes into the stomach. Anyway, all birds can move the ground-up food back from their gizzard to their crop and quickly empty their crop. This is how birds feed their babies. It also allows them to quickly discharge a heavy load of food if they need to suddenly fly away from a threat. Any Alka-Seltzer a gull swallows would fizz in their crop and the gas would be belched out. Their guts aren't going to explode from it. But it's medicine and probably not that good for them, so don't feed it to them.

  2. Okay first of all…You didn't even blow up the damn seagulls.

    Second of all… it's not animal abuse either (for the people who think it is) bc there is sooooo many seagulls in the world and if you kill them, you're actually do in the world a favor to keep the population balanced.

    lastly, if you were wondering how the seagulls blow up with alkaseltzer is bc the tablet inside the bird's stomach will eventually burst making the seagull to kaboom.

  3. Everyone voted his video down because either:

    1. They saw the title, became enraged at animal abuse, and voted it down.


    2. They wanted to see seagulls blow up, it didn't happen, and voted it down because it was misleading.

  4. So you guys look up segalls getting blown up because you want to see it…then get mad at the person who made the video that you want to see calling him a monster or whatever…..did u forget that u WANTED to see it?!?! Get off of YouTube you self righteous, worthless idiots.

  5. for those who think its going to be like BOOM FIRE E VERYWHERE BLAAAM KABOOOOM shower, tub and tile cleaner no their insides blow up, it might sound funny but seagulls can't fart, so the gas blows the insides up, such horrible way to die

  6. one thing i find funny to do to seagulls is step one record cat hissing 2 wait till seagulls are all landed and feel safe 3 play hissing sound as loud as you can over a load speaker 4 luagh at the dumb birds as they run from nothing XD

  7. Don't know why people think it's funny to try and inflict suffering on other creatures. I bet the fuck tard who shot this video was bullied as a kid. Video flagged.

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