I look on the brighter side.

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I look on the brighter side.

‘The one thing I have learnt from the tragedies this year is that the journey of life is like sailing in the wind, at times it will be rough and you will be sent in the wrong direction, but you can’t give up, you may not be able to direct the wind, but you can always adjust the sails’

The original reason why I wanted this photo/title idea is because I’ve been getting really quite annoyed with people keep telling me what’s wrong about my photos and what THEY want my photos to look like, because I make photos how I want them to look to the best of my ability, and this is only flickr. I know my photos aren’t perfect and I’m not good at photoshop, I wish I was an amazing photographer but I can except i’m not. I don’t go around commenting everyone elses streams saying what needs to be improved. People are far too critical and it really does make me feel like an even shitter photographer (if that’s possible). If i wanted my photoshop skills to be judged so much i’d put my photos on an advanced photoshop website. But i’m going to try and let it not effect me so much I suppose.

I apologise for yet another water portrait
I’m wearing sunglasses on purpose, hense the title.

oh and it’s my brother’s birthday today! Birthday cake all round.

Posted by Amy Spanos on 2009-09-06 14:53:42

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