Arch Parker and the story (view large 2048 to see items better)

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Arch Parker and the story (view large 2048 to see items better)

These are for the most part belongings of my Grandfather on my Mother’s side who died around 1981. An understatement would be to say he was a large man at closer to 7 ft. tall that 6 ft. and sometimes upwards of 300 lbs.! From info. I’ve obtained, he was a lumberjack in his early years (long before any gasoline powered saws). Some said he probably just broke off the trees & didn’t need a saw! He later worked in an ice house from what some say. We went to an ice house to visit his friend when I was about 7 years old and he picked up a block of ice that appeared to be around 1 ft by 2 ft wide by 3 or 4 ft long and he picked it up all by himself. I remember workers there saying "nobody does that anymore since they weigh close to 300 lbs"! (I’m not sure if that’s true or not!) Even when he was in his 60’s he broke my grandmother’s hand while she was in the hospital just by trying to show affection to her and squeezing! He was so upset – he just didn’t know his own strength!
Now the interesting part:
He later became a barber in Healdton, Oklahoma! (Who would have thunk!) This picture contains many of his items used in the barber shop:
The radio was in the shop for years (I now have the radio). That is the original plastic dial cover and cloth on it and the radio still works with the original speaker and tubes! There are cigarette burns on the top but he never smoked as far as I know! The cord to the radio is covered with some sort of braided-striped cloth! The four razors were his and used in the shop. One is an expensive German razor and another is a special one that you inserted a razor blade in to either thin hair or shave hair to a very short length (its to the left of the radio, the German made one is directly in front of the radio with its original leather pouch). The handles are either bone or ivory, not sure which! The gum wrappers are from the late 1920’s and early 30’s. The "Baby Ruth" wrapper on top of the radio is from the 1920’s and next to it is a cigar cutter I believe. The Juicy Fruit gum in front of the radio is complete with internal paper wrapper and all! There’s also a "Kiss Me" gum wrapper. The Orbit Listerated gum wrapper you see was apparently used to help stop smoking back in the 30’s! He ALWAYS gave out Juicy Fruit or Spearment gum to all kids who got their hair cut, including us grandkids! The brushes and leather strops were his and I can still hear him slapping the razor against it faster than you can believe! I also remember him using those shaving brushes on both me and my brother "pretending" to shave us! Since there was no air conditioning back then, people used "fold out" printed cardboard fans like the one in the front of radio to keep as cool as possible which wasn’t very cool in the hot summers! There’s nothing worse than being hot and sweaty with little bits of hair all down your back sticking to you! The barber’s license to the left on the table was his last license (1971) before retiring. He had stopped barbering some time before that but wanted it just in case! The glasses on top of the radio were his also! OK…so I added the "Coaster Boy" box label I found from the 20’s and depression glass for effect! But it DID remind me of the grapefruits he ate almost every morning for breakfast, covered in sugar which he had brought up from the Rio Grande valley! They were in wooden crates with a label on the end like that one! lol

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