Beenleigh Label (n.d.)

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Beenleigh Label (n.d.)

Label reads: "Charcoal Mellowing…is the secret. The character and rich flavour of new Beenleigh is brought about by Charcoal Mellowing, an age old process which gives it a fine textured smoothness. Old Jim Kirebs, who’s been making rum for more years than he cares to remember, double distils every drop and ages it in small oak casks for at least 5 years. Beenleigh started away back in the 1860’s when a small river steamer, S.S. Walrus, complete with ‘moonshine still’ plied the local rivers, anchoring at sugar mill wharves and converting the sugar cane into rum…we are not sure how legal it was then, however nowadays, since 1884 in fact, its all above board. So if you’re passing why not drop in and see us, tucked in below Yellowood Mountain on the banks of the Albert River…Then aged in oak!"

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