Diabetes – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

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Don’t forget to check out our brand new website – http://bit.ly/hmvdesc Diabetes is a disease in which there are high blood sugar levels over a prolonged period.

2012-06-04 05:36:10

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  1. I noticed my 14 year old son waking up to urinate, which I never knew he did. But much relief now after going through this [Go Here=== https://plus.google.com/110226900097507142274/posts/2q9ksCSYX18 ]. The toilet floor is usually sticky from his urine, this I thought to be from the cleaner I used for the floor. A week later the elder sister reported to me that my son was urinating so much. He was looking thinner. I took it to be a growth spurt. He gets tired and I thought it was a normal signs for growing teens. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. All that is taken care of now.

  2. I feel so much better now after going through this material [Go Here== https://plus.google.com/102443457991099589207/posts/4xio2WyZm3Z ]. I am advancing in age and have been drinking much water because I am always thirsty. I realized I'm diabetic. The diagnosis showed it. Breaking those habits was not an easy task. Much junk foods and alcohol has been the folly in my living. However, I now have hope after going through this material. I will readily recommend it to anyone.

  3. I have been worried of not having enough time for exercise, but I feel better now after reading this [Go here=== https://plus.google.com/102443457991099589207/posts/7Zo634Dr11x ]. I have the type 2 diabetes and I know that exercise is important in the war against sugar. I do not have much of the symptoms except light headedness. My weight is normal, and I walk about 2000 steps everyday to the very convenient bus station. I have always felt the exercise is not enough, but I'm glad I stumbled into this stuff.

  4. I have been following this diet plan for about a year now [Go Here=== https://plus.google.com/110226900097507142274/posts/2q9ksCSYX18 ] Before that I have been on some diet plan and yet got sicker until I went on taking insulin 3 times a day. I am a type 2 diabetic and was diagnosed two years ago. This diet plan has given me much relief than any other so far. The best way I suppose for the management of this anomaly is by a healthy diet plan and exercise. A great stuff indeed.

  5. Itne sarey way bataye tu kya iss mein se koi ek method ko select karna hai aur
    karna hai. Kitne Dino ke liye ? Ya saray ek ek baar ek din mein karna hai beta pls help..

  6. I had Diabetes II for over 23 years. I was shooting insulin 3 times a day sometimes more and taking Metformin. I also had high blood pressure. After 3 weeks on a cleanse program, I was completely off my insulin, Metformin, and blood pressure medicine. My fasting blood sugar went from 300 to under 100 and during the day my blood sugar would be 110 to 120 tops without any medicine. This was all without my insulin or medicine, I couldn't believe how much my body had changed in just a few weeks on this cleanse. My blood pressure went down real fast, after the 1st week I was told by my doctor to get off my blood pressure medicine. Now without blood pressure medicine, I have perfect blood pressure sometimes as low as 110/70. I am 57 years old and lost 20 lbs on this cleanse to boot. Best thing I ever did. I'd check out http://www.therawoasis.com. Its online and you would be very surprised to see how the cleanse works. You will realize that alot of what they say about diabetes and diet is not exactly the truth. Hope this helps someone…thanks…

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