How Many Drugs Can You Buy For $20 Around The World?

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How much coffee, weed, cigarettes, cocaine, whiskey, and heroin can you buy for $20 around the world? Among the countries featured: USA, Norway, Japan, …

2013-05-10 22:11:55

42 Replies to “How Many Drugs Can You Buy For $20 Around The World?”

  1. okay so iv been to Colombia and to buy cocaine over there (even as a gringo) is 14,000 pesos, in the u.s. that would be about 5 bucks so this video needs to get its math right

  2. but there still lies a question about the quality specially the weed and cigarettes here there are places that you can buy 500 grams of weed for a 100 bucks but of course the quality aint that good and there are some places that you pay like 30 bucks for a gram

  3. your wrong about uk weed $20 =£16 and over hear is £10 for 1g and dealers only do £10 £20 they don't mess wive change if you spend more like say £90 you'll get 13g

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