My New Re-ment Granite Couter Top

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My New Re-ment Granite Couter Top

"Koko! This is not quite what I was thinking of when I said we need to show off our new counter."

Here is my latest painting project: another stone counter top. This one came out much better that my first cream counter (that was a bit wavy over the sink area and sometimes things had a hard time staying upright). I bought clear packing tape that was 3 inches wide (you have to buy something this size special, I bought mine from Amazon) and place it over the counter from back to front and from the right edge of the stove over the far right side of the counter, make sure your tape goes over the right end of the kitchen. I cut off the little bit of excess tape at the front and back of the counter (3 inches is just a bit wider than the counter). I then did two more layers of tape on top of the first layer. Be extra sure to make the tape as taught as possible and make sure there are no air bubbles between the layers of tape. I kept smoothing the edges down and left it for a week. Also, be sure to cover the stove section with a couple layers of masking tape so the paint doesn’t get on the stove. It’s easier to remove the burners first, then tape.

After the week, I used a small bead of super glue along the edge of tape at the front and back of the counter surface. The glue helps seal the tape edge from the moisture of the spray paint (if the moisture gets under the tape, the tape edges will ripple and you have to start over). I left the glue to cure for another week.

I then used sand paper on the tape, very lightly. The packing tape is really smooth and even with a primer the stone spray paint had a hard time sticking. All you need is a lightly roughed up surface for the primer to stick well.

I always use primer with spray paint. This time, I sprayed the primer into a little bowl and used a brush to apply it to the tape, but I used it very lightly on the edges of the tape to avoid the ripples.

I let the primer dry very well and then applied the stone effect spray paint very thin. I let that dry well (but it has to be less than an hour) and applied two more thin coats, making sure everything was covered.

Normally, I would seal with a clear top coat (satin finish over stone looks best), but the moisture of the top coat leaks under the tape and makes the ripples happen. So I will just be very gentle with the counter. It will most likely be just fine, but better safe than sorry.

It took me several tries of different steps and materials, and the above reflects my best results. My biggest tip is to be patient. You can probably finish all of this in one night, but every time I tried, when I woke the next morning, the tape had ripples at the edges and it was back to the drawing board.

Posted by CarolineSwing on 2012-04-03 18:20:50


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