★ Were you #FeaturedOnFreedom?! Would you like to be?

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Today we showcase some of the channel trailers that have been sent to us recently by our partners and community team members. If you’d like to be next link us …

2016-04-18 10:13:10

35 Replies to “★ Were you #FeaturedOnFreedom?! Would you like to be?”

  1. I believe that I was showcased on a Freedom! show that I believe was cancelled for poor viewership/following yes it helped me to get from 10 to 20, but I have spent two months struggling with getting 4 more. I know my chronically poor health, and how it has effected my production, YouTube doing what it wants with my uploads doesn't help me either. I can spend an hour making sure my Title text, and tags are all perfect, but the video will not always process (hours after it is uploaded), technical issues aside, it is a handicap in this business not being able to keep up with all the social media inputs/outputs, but I am fighting a difficult battle, and time is my enemy.

  2. For anybody interested, it is our 2nd anniversary today and we are hosting a pc game giveaway on our channel, entering is simple and easy so thanks and good luck

  3. Wow guys! This is really fantastic! I love this new brilliant idea. I have been in Freedom for a couple of months now and it is fantastic! Keep up with the good ideas!

    PS: Can you feature normal videos rather than channel trailers? That would be fantastic!!!!!!! 😀

  4. Freedom/George I have been commenting this on videos made by freedom. I am not sure that I am partnered with you and I am not I am just really hoping to come back. I never had the learn more on my page and I am just HOPING to come back to freedom.

  5. Hi freedom!
    I have a question….
    how can I get a 90%revenue instead of my 60% revenue channel earnings???
    I've since already 1 year and I don´t know how do I get a 90 % revenue channel earnings.
    Please help

    Thank you for all Freedom !
    You have helped me so much Freedom as all of you !

    Thanks for helping me grow

  6. WOW This is a lot better than channel spotlight before, but you guys should have put links from channels next to their spotlight and that spotlight should be a bit longer.

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