IMG_9274 – Mecha Warrior v01

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IMG_9274 - Mecha Warrior v01

ZEN MAGNETS – Neodymium Magnetic Balls (@974) – Mecha Warrior v01

Now I have 12 sets of my magnets tied up in the Yamato and Mecha Warrior v02 permanent builds.

More shots here:

This Mecha Warrior design is my Zen homage to Japanese Anime Mecha, recent Mecha suits (District9, Avatar), with a little Terminator and Star Wars thrown in. I added non-symmetric weapons systems in both arms to weaponize him with different built-in types on each side (a-la District9). He also has a Jet-pack in the center of his back along with rear facing particle projector on his backside.

Bubble gun blue LED effect.

The weight of the upper body proved to be a major challenge to get it to stand stable with no additional reinforcement other than the linked staggered hexagon double/triple layered hexagon stacks (same construction I used for my Water Dragon design). I used the arms to stabilize the standing frame by attaching/resting his hands on his legs. The overall weigh was slightly distributed but he still wanted to lean backwards or forwards due to the concentrated weight stress on the ankle contacts to the feet. The metal plate proved to be a must again in this design.

Sadly, this only lasted this photo spread … before he fell over backwards and self-destructed into dis-repair. I may have to reconstruct him for a 360 degree video view but due the complexity of the details, it may not be exactly the same … and will warrant a v02 version, if it is even possible to duplicate.

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