The Wiivengers – An Avengers / Nintendo-Verse Mashup (Parody)

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Nintendo’s mightiest heroes must assemble to defeat the galaxy’s puniest god, and recapture the legendary power of … the NESeract! BEGIN ALERT — This is a …

2014-10-02 17:17:50

42 Replies to “The Wiivengers – An Avengers / Nintendo-Verse Mashup (Parody)”

  1. Not begging or anything, but if I was to pick which character I'd want to see their solo movie/s done it'd have to be "Captain Kakariko" It would just work so SO well with all three movies. You can have characters like the Red Skulltula (not sure if he'd be Ganondorf or if you'd rather save him for Thanos), Zelda could be a combination of Bucky and Peggy Carter (yeah, can't think of a good combined name. Zeldy Carter? Princess Zelder? Yeah that's a toughie) to "die" and return as "The Winter Sheikah"

    Like I said, not begging because I'm sure you get that a lot, but it's just somethign I think about when watching this awesome video.

  2. My version of the wiivengers:
    Mega Man – Iron Man
    Mario – Captain America
    King Dedede – Thor
    Bowser – The Hulk
    Link – Hawkeye
    Zero Suit Samus – Black Widow
    Fox McCloud – Nick Fury
    Magolor – Loki

  3. This was a very clever and funny animation, although I like the idea of Luigi being Hulk, I personally think it would have been funny to see him turn into the incredible Kong if you catch my drift. Still fantastic video and animation though

  4. Ideas for the rest of the MCU Equivalents:
    Winter Soldier: Ravio
    Ant-Man: Not sure, but Ezlo can be that old guy.
    Spider-Man: Eliwood
    Groot: Trevenant
    Doctor Strange: A mage from Fire Emblem, and the Eye of Agamotto can be Mila's Turnwheel.
    Quicksilver: Sonic

  5. you should make dc expanded universe-nintendo mashupsman of courage/man of steellink= link kent/supertriganondorf=ganonral zodbat-a-man vs supertri: dawn of smashMario=bruce-a-wayne/bat-a-manprincess peach=diane princess/wonder peachganon=ganoomsday

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