Atomic Runner (Chelnov) – Boss Recovery (Megadrive Version)


This account’s trend of re-doing previously done videos in an insane manner continues. This is a boss recovery run, where the goal is to recover from being …

2012-02-18 17:16:26

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  1. This video is just pure fan service, a real delight if you are to pick up the game. I guess I should know; this is one of the first games I played in my entire life (and still is one my my top favorites!). The fact you took the time to make this "recovery run" video is just amazing. Dying in this game just before a boss makes it a lot more challenging, but you showed it was still possible with the right battle plan. Awesome!! 🙂

  2. Lack of time in general has slowed me down updates wise, amongst other things.

    I still enjoy doing them from to time, so I tend to do them in a challenging fashion such as this.

  3. @UltimaShadow7 It takes a little while to get used to, but I find myself enjoying this game every time i've gone back to it.
    Very underated.

    Word of warning – the game is HARD, even on easy. It took me YEARS to even get past the Treasure Room stage. (Back then, I was lucky to get past the Stage 4 boss.) It's only in recent years i've seen the final boss!

    I happen to agree on the music, I forgot how much I liked this games' soundtrack.
    To the point, i'm ripping it right now.

  4. A small note on the closed captions: The size of the box seems to cut off some of the longer sentences, and there seems to be no way to enlarge it.

    This game has a really interesting art style. Reminds me a lot of Hinduism.

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