Kamagra attention

Having some fun with my toys. Made this compact mix for those with short attention spans (self included) hear more at: …

2012-01-20 01:40:38

32 Replies to “Navene-k ULTRAMINIMIX APC40”

  1. @fallenoffthestage Yeah Navene … you should totally use atleast like 11 knobs and maybe like ATLEAST 22 buttons … you'll never beat the world record on most cuts/edits like this! :/

  2. Awesome, I realy like that stuff, even though i'm not that much into electronic music. Have you done the electronic stuff on the new AAL as well? Because I especially liked them on weightless. Awesome record, guys!

  3. Hey just curious as ive just bought myself an apc, how did you get your first device control nob to that glitch type setting? Much appreciated if you can gimme some pointers. sick vid by the way

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