10 Traits of a Psychopath

What will be the symptoms to identify ED?

Superficial charm, a grandiose notion of self-worth, the need for stimulation and impulsiveness, pathological lying, the ability to manipulate others and a lack of …

2016-08-24 22:05:54

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  1. Regular people (who's in the comment section) thinks psychos dose not exist or what? Why they attack who ever comments they're a psychopath ? I'm a psychopath based on 2 hospitals I went to and this video just proves it to me . Anyways being a psycho is not rare so stop being edgy to others it's annoying

  2. i have a friend who keeps faking mental disorders. i don't want to be friends with her but she's one of my only friends and i'm scared to let her go, even though​she's continuously broken my heart.

    and yes, she does say she's a "psychopath"

  3. whenever I'm with people I don't know I tend to be on my phone a lot and get kinda scared. I hate people I don't know. but when I'm with people I know I'm very social.

  4. I have met a psychopath during a trip. Emeric De Gayardon from Lyon in France. He came to me as a very sympathic and charming person. He has stolen from me 200€ and my hard-drive containing the photos of my travel. He pretended to be my friend and with his charm it was hard to believe it was him who did it. As soon as I realised and confronted him about what he did, he disappeared. It is better to be even more prudent when someone charming come to speak to you. It may be a psychopath that will abuse of your trust. Be aware!

  5. there has been a girl from high school tormenting me for 2 years. she falls under all of these categories. she manipulated my family and friends into stabbing me in the back. and got people in town to follow me whenever I went outside. she uses emotional manipulation.
    only God knows though. this sucks so much im so stuck and shes acting like shes the victim when it's clear I am!! she doesn't care she ruined my family at all. idk why im posting this comment tbh

  6. I have more then a few problems with videos such as this. The biggest problem I have is these videos are urging people to self diagnose there selves and others. I'm by no means an expert in psychopathy, but I do have a degree in evolutionary psychology. My job details more in the field of pre-historic human behavior and how we've evolved to become who we are today. People in neuroscience , abnormal psychology, and forensic psychology could give you the in depth look at psychopathy. However with that being said I did learn the basics in mental and personality disorders and a lot of these symptoms like "impulsiveness" and "lack of empathy" have strong overlappings with multiple other disorders besides psychopathy. So, when the average layman out here finds someone who lacks remorse, or has a profound grandiose sense of self worth the laymen will refer to this shallow, vague 5 minute video about psychopaths and say "hey, you must be a psycho!". When in reality there's a much greater chance they're wrong. Also, I know there's a new DSM-5 out and I've yet to familiarize myself with it but according to the DSM-4 psychopathy isn't even a diagnosable disorder. Male "psychopaths" usually get diagnosed with APD (antisocial personality disorder) and the female "psychopaths" usually get diagnosed with either HPD (histrionic personality disorder) or BPD (borderline personality disorder). Then from there they decide whether or not the particular subject also expresses callous behavior and criminal tendencies which only then earns them the unconventional (some would say unprofessional) label "psychopath". Last but certainly not least Hollywood does a very poor job depicting psychopaths. Movie psychopaths almost always lean more towards psychotic (very different from psychopathy) then towards psychopathy. Also Hollywood depicts psychopaths as killers when in reality very few, less then 0.2% actually, become killers. There has to be an emotional drive to make someone kill, since psychopaths lack deep emotions they rarely would do something like this. The only exception is if they were raised as a child in a very bad environment that encourages violence. A bad environment usually turns a psychopath into a sadist which makes then grow up to commit extremely malevolent acts. However contrary to popular belief most of the violent psychopaths are stupid and get caught rather easily. This is because impulse, not objectivity, drive them. The intelligent psychopaths almost always don't kill or rape, they become CEOs, surgeons, politicians, etc. All this being said I'm not downplaying psychopathy, but don't jump to conclusions about yourself or anyone around you when chances are, they're probably just a asshole. Romantic relationships is usually where a psychopath is most vulnerable. This is not to say they can't be tolerable, but considering they have control issues it normally pushes people away from them eventually. Also the more violent impulsive psychopaths may unfortunately turn to abuse in a relationship. Males will most often physically abuse whereas the females will mentally abuse their partners. Or if the female psychopath has kids she may unfortunately physically abuse them. This brings one to question why would a psychopath attempt a romantic relationship to begin with. Well just like everybody else, maybe even more so, a psychopath likes to feel loved. They just can't return the favor, they love in their own way, but it's not the same. A selfless love is being able to sacrifice anything for your beloved. But psychopaths don't view love like this. Their viewpoint on relationships is more like "I can do this for you, what can you do for me?" type of attitude. Not to say this is wrong, if there's no abuse present this relationship could be physically satisfying, but don't expect him/her to share deep feelings. Think of a psychopath has a modern day "hunter gather". Their goal, only goal, is survival. Which can be scientifically explained by how the psychopath's most used part of their brain is the brain stem, which is responsible for primal urges like hunger, sex, survival, etc.

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