Diamond And Silk​s thought about Attorney General Jeff Sessions recusing himself.

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Recorded on March 4, 2017. THROWBACK THURSDAY: JEFF SESSION RECUSE HIMSELF. http://www.DiamondandSilkStore.com (Get Your Trump Pins Now) …

2017-07-20 16:28:15

34 Replies to “Diamond And Silk​s thought about Attorney General Jeff Sessions recusing himself.”

  1. sessions tricked the president…didn't tell him that he would recuse himself from russia probe…backstabber he is….hrs after his swearing in he starts signing papers to recuse himself….NOT GOOD

  2. AG Session has been on President Trump's team from beginning and he pulled ALL of Alabama with him. The Globalists are trying to stop his "America First Agenda". They have a criminal enterprise to conceal that will shock the World when UNCOVERED such as child rape, satanic rituals/drinking baby blood and much more. Sessions is more dedicated to the Trump Agenda than Ivanka. Study Dr. Steve Pieczenik , Roger Stone, and Dr. Jerome Corsi to learn the depth of the plot against us. The above brilliant men have a wealth of knowledge and National and International experience. They LOVE America The Beautiful

  3. truth is they are saying if you voted trump it was because Russia used the alt media to influence the feeble minded hill billies and such the blacks who voted trump  receive  an even worse label

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