Why THIS Country Has The Deadliest Skin Cancer

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G’day everyone! For certain, we all know of someone who has suffered from cancer. It’s among the leading causes of death worldwide, with skin cancer being …

2017-06-21 21:01:14

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  1. I was so happy when I read that the ozone hole was healing but was evenly scared because people could become more reckless towards their care on the environment. 🙁 hope everything goes well for us!
    Ps. Australia is so hot.

  2. I was a teenager in the 70s, so I was becoming environmentally aware in the 80s. I remember back then when we were told of the discovery of the hole in the Ozone layer, because we were using aerosol cans of Freon (basically a near pure CFC) to clean circuit boards and tape heads on computer equipment. I clearly remember reading how the hole (IIRC) expanded in Winter to cover Southern parts of Australia, then contracted in Summer. I may have that arse about though. I remember the scientists explaining how long it would take the stratosphere to recover after the ban that was being proposed was implemented. I even remember reading news some years ago about Ozone Hole shrinkage (it wasn't much). In my anecdotal experience; the people that I have known with melanoma grew up in the Southern States such as Victoria and New South Wales. I'm from Queensland and have lived most of my life North of the Tropic of Capricorn. A significant part of my late teens was spent shirtless in a pair of shorts in Far Western Queensland, and in Far North Queensland on the beach in a sarong. I have no signs of skin cancer and I'm in my mid-fifties now. Our man-made Ozone hole is a clear example of how we humans have done a stellar job of trying to destroy our only life support system that we know of in the universe.

  3. total bs. no mention at all of the lifestyle patterns and other characteristics of people who get skin cancer relative to those who dont. no mention of how past sunscreen products actually contained a chemical that became carcinogenic when exposed to UV. this channel is an embarrassment to science. total incompetence.

  4. Language is also important. Take for example slang – a word "Monged" that I've been using since I was a little kid in the 1980's. "monged" comes from "mongol" – a very politically incorrect term to use because it was a slang insult for people with down's syndrome (!). The reason I used "Monged" was because "Mongol" was a common insult for the kids to use in the playground – you get called Mongol so much you feel Monged. The term since went on to be part of drug culture for becoming mentally defficient after taking too many drugs or just being really hungover the day after… and became part of popular culture in my country for that feeling you get at work where you just feel like a drone running on coffee.

    So effectively the common term "Monged" – which is politically incorrect (but is actually descended from the Mongol warriors who destroyed everything in their conquest during the middle ages – so is kind of apt for describing mindless behaviour… so it is racist in a modern context but is just as accurate as "Nazi" in it's historical context) – is now a description of the feeling one gets in oppressive working environment and conditions…. so people are kind of Monged by the political right.

    And yet the politcal left says you can't use "Monged" because it's politically incorrect – you have to use "Alienation" instead… even though the term "Alienation" has very little reference in popular culture in my country.

  5. What a load of unscientific insane garbage.

    1. CFC did not and does not affect ozone layer hole over Antarctica, it closes every summer and opens every winter for thousands if not millions years. It was only discovered on a hype of CFC hysteria, it does not mean there's any causation between CFC and ozone outside of lab conditions.

    2. UV levels in Australia can reach 14 in summer which is "Extreme" but it's significantly higher in Darwin than in Hobart and guess which one is closer to Antarctica ! Go even further north to Indonesia and it's 20 there. If your theory about ozone layer hole was accurate it would be other way round, isn't it ?

    3. And yes, if you take fair skinned Brits who don't have any melanin in skin and can't tan and put them into any climate with high UV you will get high skin cancer rates. Is there any doubts about that ?

  6. Hmm propaganda using scare tactics to get people to subscribe to making it okay for us to sign international treaties that do nothing especially good for the environment but make big business for a select few. What a despicable video and this "science nerd" is a con artist. P.s the young Turks hate people that look like you lady. Wake up!

  7. doesn't help that Australia is closer to the sun during the summer than any country in the northern hemisphere due to earth rotating on a tilted axis… I am wondering about the cancer stats of the afrikaans…

  8. I thought all the Aussies lived in Earl's Court in London! 😉 That's fantastic news that the ozone hole is shrinking – and without us geo-engineering and risking further unseen consequences. The Earth heals itself, it's just we pesky humans that threaten that ability!

  9. What do you think we should do now that we've banned CFCs and the hole in the ozone is slowly receding? Do you think the ability to get together the global community will help us in the future? Is there anything else we can do to stop those poor Aussies from getting struck down with skin cancer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

  10. Sick of your shit Australia. Just because we aren't as big as you doesn't mean you can ignore us. Skin cancer rates are just as high for NZ, as well as the many Pacific islands under said hole in the ozone….. But no, the Australian woman only cares to talk about her flaming country. itch bay.

  11. Is the country NZ? I'm guessing it's that it is…. Nope it's Australia? You fame hugging auzzie bastards! We get some pretty horrific UV rays over here, worse than Australia in fact because we're closer to the pole. We're both under that deadly hole in the ozone layer, it's harming both our countries. Damn it man (or in this case woman) include NZ…. or at least mention us. Ffs.

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