Ice Cube Reacts to Trump’s “Real News” Show – Monologue

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Jimmy Fallon’s monologue from Thursday, August 3. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Watch The Tonight Show …

2017-08-04 09:00:03

39 Replies to “Ice Cube Reacts to Trump’s “Real News” Show – Monologue”

  1. Lol yes stock market is up but dollar is at all time low but is rebounding barely at 93 Was at 92 and market gains can disappear over night not to mention the fomc says were below our 2 percent inflation rate and were prolly not gunna hit it and the only reason stock market is up because they're expecting those tax cuts but if trump came out and said no tax cuts watch the stock market go down lol even wallstreet is not giving him credit lol I've seen multiple people involved in the market shut that shit down he gets no credit next year buddy it's all yours economic policy takes at six months the very minimum to effect and he hasn't done anything lmao

  2. Pathetic how they keep trying to makes things out of nothing. Trump donates his salary and its not a promise kept, no no its tax dodging …. the media keeps banning themselves from my living room.

  3. Just remember, Trump never stole a dime from me or you , but every politician in Washington has and will still do so every chance they get , so I will vote foe Trump every time

  4. LOL the ice cube piece I love it!! 😂

    I'm creating so many jobs and it's super easy! Like just last week, brand new job: communication director. Boom, simple. More jobs to come! -Trump

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