LIVE: William Browder Testifies before Senate Judiciary Hearing Russian Meddling US Election 7/27/17

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EXPLOSIVE Testimony on Putin’s Corruption & Meddling. Justice Department Officials Testify on Foreign Agent Registration Requirement. Senate Judiciary …

2017-07-27 17:35:13

33 Replies to “LIVE: William Browder Testifies before Senate Judiciary Hearing Russian Meddling US Election 7/27/17”

  1. @28:00 The Magnistsky Act explained, how it works, & why Putin hates it.  1:38:00 Oligarch in the
    list can’t do anything almost anywhere in the world.  
    @29:00 Natalia Veselnitskaya who she is & works for. Was SFB agent.
    @31:00 was a repeal of Magnistsky act a quid-pro quo? Not sure.
    @ 33:00 (R ) Sen. Cornyn knows Magnistky is personal to Putin. Explains how they’re using commerce to manipulate US interest. Russia has purchased Western Co., Media, financial, & technology companies then lobby to change the laws.@ 38:00 Can anyone be independent and be rich in Russia? “NO” Every person allowed to be successful is beholden to Putin.

    @ 40:55 Corruption is a world problem not certain countries. tRump CAN take names off the Magnistsky list so that’s a work around for Putin via Natalia Veselnitskaya.@42:20 Explain the oligarchy system & how it happened. 
    @ 45:00 Talking about Russia adoption is really code about the Magnitsky act = sanctions.@ 46:00 Tax return might help but as an example, wire transfer…but he was cut off.@ 47:00 Russia use of American banks. Dollars is passed through USA banks and Russia’s money comes from illicit corruptions.@ 48:50 Sen. Graham thinks that Russia hired the dossier to undermined tRump; working against trump. Russia will work both sides to create chaos. @ 55: Russia will do anything they can get away with.
    @ 56:   Sen. Hirono: Browder explain what KGB works: bribery & extortion to influence officials. Would firing Sally Yates an example?
    @ 58:00 What Russia has done against Browder to destroy him, which shows how they work.@ 1:00: Why they chose tRump over Clinton? Because they knew who would be more susceptible to its methods. @ 1:04:00 Rinat Akhmetshin a Russia (former KGB) now US citizen. Who is he? Shady & shadow character. Proxy to Russian interest.
    @ 1:08:30 Using Shell Corp. USA one of the few last countries to keep Shell ownership hidden; a haven for dirty money. @ 1:10:10 Sen. Blumenthal call Putin evil. Browder: Russians are liars. @ 1:12:00 Is there any doubt that Akhmetshin & Natalia was working with Russia? “No doubt.” Were they acting on behalf of Putin initiating a potential agreement possibly creating a conspiracy? “That was their purpose”.@ 1:15:00 Did Russia created a money trail. Working with Oligarchy, one should follow the money and ties between the companies. 1:19:23 Mikhail Fridman: one of original 20 Russian oligarchs. No has worldwide companies. Connection with Alpha Bank and tRump. 1:21:25 Any oligarch should be dealt with extreme caution because they’re intertwine with Putin not just Alpha Bank. 1:21:33  Brian A. Benczkowski, nominee for the criminal division of DOJ. He had Alpha Bank as client.  He said he would NOT recuse himself from any Russia crimes. 1:23:20 Who created the Steel Dossier and what did they hope to achieve? Fussion GPS 
    1:27:00 Geury Chaicka: When info comes from him, it’s like a direct line from Putin.  Natalia worked for Chaicka.  Jr’s meeting was to see if campaign was open for compramatte . 1:29 Fussion GPS having commission the Steel dossier, do you have evidence the Russia commissioned them on the dossier? “NO”
    1:30:40 Kleptocratcy use corruption to make their money but then need legitimate jobs to clean the money.  The USA is failing and enabling corruption to keep their money due to our laws, privacy, and property rights.  If we allow corrupted money to come into the
    USA, we might become like them. 1:33:00 People in the list are evading the sanctions. OFAC have not sufficiently enforced. Need more aggressive enforcement. 1:34:00 Once Russia has you, they won’t let go. But once you enter sometime of illegitimate dealings, they have you. Like Flynn was compromised. Or Russia promised permit to build then turns out it was with illicit partners, they have you?

  2. I'v been pointing to the Magnitsky Act for months. Putin then made his own law, that Americans could not adopt any Russian children. See how the word "adoption" is the key word in what was really going on?

  3. Well scripted separatist​, a lobbyist, in the middle of political crisis, in hearing the terms he uses; its like a women of divorce, painting a picture, so vindictive in his way of spirit, aside from the Nouns he uses. Seriously, we must hear of the other side, getting to know about his workings in Russia and the US, the center of contraversy, with Congress being a bit Naive basing this very dangerous course of esclstion of war, depriving Russia of sources of sustenance,​ that no longer sustain life for many, by way of crippling Sanctions, based Arbitraraly on Bill Browder's view of events, a hedge fund manager accused of shady contracted crimes in Russia. People who go the way of the Spirit of Error speak incriminating things about others that actually apply to themselves, a very familiar way of Spirit and its contrary Truth. There is two sides to truth, the sword he is trying to wheel, attacking words with deadly ambision. The Bible warns us of this type. Just say'n. It's all too familiar a banker dealing with huge some of money in a foreign country where just his tax is 250,000,000. To me he is doing the smearing in trying to wheezel out of international crimes he was caught in, with his plausible deniability claiming a stamp was stolen by the RU Gov to frame him, shifting blame, especially since it involves the Fusion Co who McCain got the discredited Trump RU dosser. This is one of the few times We need the international trial court. Mininsky​ act is leagally an arbitrary and capricious way to punish forigner's without trial, a very dangerous way, of Sepratist, to Error, in Error, bringing wrath even upon a whole Nation. And ya see, Finestine accusing in Error others, Putin, of quick pro quo, for what Hillary and Bill done Urainium One. And he is very convincing, having people believe this without merit, the Progressive players being Spiritual kin in the way of the Spirit of Error, all on stage. Need whole truth to avoid Error.

  4. I've read extensively about this case from its inception years ago. Browder is a criminal and a traitor. Fusion GPS was hired to help destroy Trump, beginning with the false dossier. There is so much to this story but sadly we've been so brainwashed by our government leaders and their accomplices in the media that we no longer discern truth from lies. It's far easier to deceive someone than it is to convince them they have been deceived. I admit what has been testified to all sounds so reasonable, so true. You have to search to find out the whole story and not rely on this brief hearing. Most people either don't care enough or don't have time. It's heartbreaking. Some of our congressmen are so ignorant of history and blind to what is actually happening in secret places.

  5. Wow, just wow! This is a prime clear example of how we were trained in the Military that we might be compromised by the Russians. The trump administration should've been trained but they are so greedy and corrupt … this is like a Russian espionage movie. Put those traitors in jail now!

  6. This man isnt a politician. This is the scary part. This guy is not a democrat or a republican. He is the ceo if a company whos life has been threatened and smeared for trying to throw up a red flag over russians illegal activity within our country.

  7. Lindsey Graham, trying very hard to extricate Trump from this mess, but listen carefully to what Browder is saying minute 51:25…,Russians play both sides against the middle. What is about that simple sentence Graham pretends not to get?

  8. Meddling in US elections was done by rootless cosmopolitans as Stalin would appropriately name them having Earl Browder in mind. This time it was Russian cosmopolitans v. US cosmopolitans. Seth Rich got in the way so Mossad had to whack him

  9. Crazy cursing lunatic shows up out of the blue – dominates the media for a week and disappears – What is going on? Browder shows up in congress and testifies to congress about Russian methodologies that exactly fit the Trump-Kushner- Russia meetings. No one pays any attention whatsoever!!! That’s what was going on – SMOKE SVREEN!!!.

  10. Did 0bama set up the Trump Tower Meeting?
    0bama's State Department Knew about the Trump Tower Meeting 3 Days ahead of time
    June 1 – CNN's Michael Weiss Facebook messages Veselnitskaya; Michael Weiss Forward's Veselnitskaya's Facebook Message to Bill Browder (Hermitage Fund)
    June 3 – Rob Goldstone/Fusion GPS brokers meeting between Don Jr. and Veselnitskaya
    June 6 – Bill Browder forwards a picture of Veselnitskya's House to 0bama DEM Kyle Parker (House Foreign Affairs)
    June 7 – 6:04 AM Kyle Parker sends Veselnitskaya's Facebook Message & House Picture to Robert Otto (State Department) via gmail
    June 7 – Meeting is Arranged for Jun 9 (Hillary Wins DEM Primary)
    June 9 – Don Jr. and Veselnitskaya meet in Trump Tower

  11. You know how you deal with nation states lobbying your government through financial donations through shell companies and by once-removed representatives of those states? GET MONEY OUT OF POLITICS! Each candidate gets the same amount so one can't put out mountains of attack ads to crush the one or two the independent (i.e. non-financially connected) candidate can get out. One side can buy a propaganda machine, essentially locking the people out of running for office.

  12. ugh… these people cannot possibly comprehend the amount of layers of reverse psychology… adoptions is a code word for legal guardianship which allows the government to appoint a legal guardian hence robbing a person of their rights. cold war prisoner exchange

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