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The Russian Navy’s Kamov Ka-52K attack helicopter will complete another round of shipboard tests before the end of 2019. The Russian Ministry of Defense will …

2017-08-05 13:00:31


  1. Russia is owned and controlled by putin. Putin hates everyone in the West! He desires the restore the Soviet Union. Prepare for WAR!
    Россия принадлежит и контролируется путин. Путин ненавидит всех на Западе! Он желает восстановить Советский Союз. Подготовьтесь к войне!
    Rusya, putin'e aittir ve kontrol edilmektedir. Putin Batı'daki herkesten nefret ediyor! Sovyetler Birliği'ni restore etmeyi arzuluyor. SAVAŞ için hazırlanın!
    La Russie est détenue et contrôlée par Putin. Poutine déteste tout le monde en Occident! Il désire restaurer l'Union soviétique. Préparez-vous à WAR!

  2. you honestly believe the russians would just deploy this type of attack helicopter out without heavy back-up think again this bad boy even has ejection seats i believe

  3. Fantastic machine, and in full production, more than 100 already built and active. Probably another 100 will be built in next few years. Great machine, just keep upgrading weaponry and avionics. Last I checked Russians still lack modern Hellfire equivalent.

  4. If the end of the vedio is an indication of Russian craftsmanship this is one sad aircraft. I've been up close to see Mig 29s and they look amazingly well made but this looks like Blacksmiths put this together. Bu I know some amazing Russian Blacksmiths and I would not be surprised if they did work on this.

  5. This thing is ugly as hell, can't Russia design anything that's remotely good looking, also what's the point of attack helicopters if you can't establish aerial dominance? Guess they'll make tasty snacks for F35s and F22s.

  6. Pretty sad Russia. You have to beg France to build you Aircraft carriers. The Mighty Russian military is just a paper tiger. Perhaps if putin didn't invade Ukraine they would have actually helped and used their shipyards to build Russia a real aircraft carrier.

  7. I think it's interesting for a helicopter and won't be ready for a couple of yrs..and the information on this too..great job on this video too..Thank you so much for your videos too.. I do greatly appreciate it too..

  8. Fucking rotor axial to radial is a weak spot. Too many counter rotating parts. Well, here we go again. Reliable and proven is never good enough. So, change is always in demand. Some of this junk we are all kicking out are overengineered. Remember fuckwads the last war on this motherfucker will be fought with sticks and stones. The last issue is GOD dont exists… yeah right. If not then why is it when most see death coming for them. Why do the call him out by his name? Foolishness just as you, the humans have justified life for him. A wasted project.

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