Steve Bannon Wants Higher Taxes On The Rich?!

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TYT Politics Producer & Contributor Emma Vigeland ( brings us some interesting news about White House Chief Strategist …

2017-07-27 17:44:39

30 Replies to “Steve Bannon Wants Higher Taxes On The Rich?!”

  1. So you have established you didn't do any research on Bannon. How lazy and yet you make such harsh conclusions; perfect for TYT. What is your concrete evidence of racism? There isn't any, so, I'm curious, how do you get there? "White nationalist"? LOL really…. He is a nationalist who happens to be white. He doesn't care what colour you are as long as you support western ideals. When will the left mature beyond the argument: "The Right does X because racism"?

    By the way, Ann Coulter also wants higher taxes on the rich. Trump knows deregulation is far more important to business than lowering taxes. Jobs are more important than social programs. Flooding the job market with low skilled labor is great for people like the Koch brothers. It increases their profit. It is terrible for African Americans and hispanics who lose out to illegal immigrants. Bernie Sanders said it himself early on. Why do you think Hillary got so much money from the ultra rich? As wages drop profit increases.

  2. You guys can have higher taxes if we turn the demographics of the country back to 90% or more white. A leftist that said that would win almost every state.

  3. As strange as it sounds given the popular flavour of right wingers (libertarian, corporate right, neo-con right and alt-right). The alt-right maybe the most reasonable of the group. Yeah they are horrific on race and some social issues, but on foreign policy and a lot of economic policy they tend to have progressive positions.

  4. Right to left spectrum is about economics. Social issues are authoritarian vs libertarian/liberal/progressive. So If someone is for example, economically progressive and for taxing the rich their fair share and for not robbing the poor, but they are socially regressive bigots who want to intern an entire race of people or something, they would be a left wing authoritarian. Bernie Sanders, the Greens, and other sane people would be left wing liberal/libertarian bottom left corner of the political compass. (See my profile pic)

  5. Bannon is just acting like he cares . But he dose not care about the common people and we know that he does and what tax the rich more he is nothing but a fake this like Donald Trump promise you the world and give you nothing.  Talk about fake news Trump's team is about fake news.

  6. Knowing how Bannon thinks, I doubt the actually intends for taxes to be raised . He needs to rally his own base to him, that is if he wishes to survive the wars to come with The Mooch and The Huck, all so he has the privilege of sinking with the ship. He may be looking for a way off the Titanic instead, and disagreeing with Joffrey will get him the boot.

  7. He's just trying to give their camp's disingenuous populism a little more weight with empty words. like I tell silly Trump supporters, we should wait for something to actually get done (that actually helps us) before throwing a party.

  8. Emma, NO ONE who earns over one million dollars pays income tax. They incorporate or accept remuneration in other forms that allow them to pay CAPITAL GAINS taxes of 15%. Bannon's proposal will only affect the schmuck who's earning a few hundred thousand a year, threatening to move up into the top one percent. This is kicking the ladder out.

  9. The questions is what taxes he want to raise. I not remember who in this Network had say that it could be a ruse to get votes, because the tax rate that Bannon want to increase barely would affect the rich, it would be less than 10% and with that it would play the base and any one that is anti-establishment, never the less, this barely tax increase it wont be permanent, it would just a play to deceive voters, smoke and mirrors.

  10. Want to know the inside track of Bannon? Read Joshua Green's "Devil's Bargain: Steve Bannon, Donald Trump & the Storming of the Presidency." Green was interviewed on Democracy Now! 7-16-17. Bannon has a very elitist (and religious) notions about the way he thinks society society should be structured. Scary!

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