Trump’s Hilarious Excuse For Wanting To Veto Russia Sanctions

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This may come as a surprise, but the White House doesn’t appear to have thought their argument through on Russia sanctions. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young …

2017-07-28 02:19:49

45 Replies to “Trump’s Hilarious Excuse For Wanting To Veto Russia Sanctions”

  1. Do you want to INCREASE TENSIONS with Russia – a country that has AS MANY nuclear ICBM's as the U.S. – most of them pointed at cities in the U.S.?
    Another Cold War? How about WW3? Most of the commenters here are TYT MORONS. Whatever Trump does Cenk deems bad – and TYT followers say "yes oh wise one"

  2. Apparently U.S. allies in the European Union are angry over the sanctions on Russia as it will affect their economy. I hear no mention of that Cenk.

  3. Of course "sanctions" against Russia makes sense, if:
    1. You ignore the fact that Russia is THE richest country in the world, precisely, because (unlike Barry Obama or his partner n crime Hillary who still think Karl Marx, and the wonderful Jo Stalin were so great that they started building their own Gulags here in the US–which haven't been torn down and are still in business by the way.
    2. You ignore the numerous studies that show there are more Communist in the US than there are in Russia–guess they don't like Capitalism any better that Barry or Hillary or your average 3rd grade IQ Leftist.
    3. Russia, unlike N. Korea, China, ISIS (not to mention the entire rest of the Arab world) are working 24 hrs a day looking for new and better ways to kill you, me and everyone else that you know.
    Of course to the left none of that is important–listen to the howls of laughter even as we speak–it's far more important that we keep our drugged out socially dysfunctional system, and insane Reps like Obozo and Maxy Waters.
    Oh, and I almost forgot the main reason we all should hate Russia… They're all white, could it be any worse.

  4. Before passing sanctions it'd be sort of nice to actually have some proof don't ya think?

    And I'm talking about something like more interference than the U.S. exerts in other foreign elections. Say when Obama screwed with Israels elections?

    You know, just a thought. You people are disgusting.

  5. This is an activity for our military to squeeze more money from my pocket. They also looking for an enemy for American to be scared of. Russian GDP is the same size a the state of New York.

  6. Wow, look at all the gung-ho and pro-war liberal scumbags. "MUH RUSSIA." I hope you are all signed up for selective service, including you bitches and illegals. LOL. Don't expect those "gun owning right wingers" to do the fighting. LOL.

  7. "Endangering my own administration"… wow… this just shows how ridiculous you are. Maybe that's not all he cares about? Perhaps he simply has integrity to do what's right? FU!

  8. TYT site is a breeding ground for homosexual traitors in this country. Go back to your house and just suck a dick. Quit trying to spread your lies about everything. 🖕🏻U 💩 💼 s

  9. "there is no doubt" … WRONG!! Ther is much reason to doubt the claim that "Russia hacked the US elections". Go to and see for yourself that there is much evidence suggesting that the "Russian hack" was staged by the DNC to discredit upcoming Wikileaks publication of DNC emails.

  10. All great empires end up destroying themselves from within!..It invariably starts with a despot who is clearly unbalanced, even quite deranged! He causes chaos and division, promotes hatred and seeks scapegoats! Nobody feels safe when the psychotic despot is on the rampage!..He employs and promotes other 'disturbed' people who make it even worse! Lies become truth to them, dissent is not tolerated. Govt. lapses into a world of fantasy in which little is real!..Sounding familiar yet folks?

  11. Trump is smart to get rid of the Russian sections. Do you really want to instigate war with Russia for no reason? Do you want to send your children to fight some future meaningless war?

  12. The "hero" against leakers Scaramucci a few days ago leaked that Trump still not believe that Russian hacked elections, 😨 and now Trump is saying he inspired those sanctions…What a clown.😆…They really think people are so gullible😩

  13. The moon is made of cheese, the oceans are made of coca-cola, the universe is only a square meter wide, whales can be walked in a park, and Trump doesn't lile the Russians. Yet there are still people with their heads buried in the sand in America who believe anything that comes from his lying mouth.

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