Most Powerful Devi Mantra **WARNING**

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Most Powerful Devi Mantra **WARNING** check out the full play list here …

2016-02-15 08:24:01

24 Replies to “Most Powerful Devi Mantra **WARNING**”

  1. Oh Mash Maddy your soul is suffering a lot. Many people of different religions did mistakes even some of my religion. No person No religion is better than another, we are all the same. Only bad manipulating persons utilize their religion against other people.
    Thats also on political basis.
    You have fanatical people in every religion. I cannot understand why You Tube did not suppress your comments. Even if you would like to injure me now, I pray for you, as you are ill. Hating other religions or people will destroy you. It takes your energy. You have a "cliche" in your head which is wrong. Please avoid to send me negative comments. I will not reply.

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