Who Is Stephen Colbert?

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There has been a lot of speculation in the media on who “the real Stephen Colbert” is, so Stephen set out to answer the question for himself… whoever himself is.

2015-09-29 07:35:00

33 Replies to “Who Is Stephen Colbert?”

  1. I thought that woman did so great. She was clear, incredibly patient with him, and didn't crack up once. She even managed to gently slap his wrists for his bad language. She's like the 4th grade teacher we all wish we'd had…

  2. The Myers Briggs test is wildly inaccurate and even the phycologist who came up with the theory fist later said that it is not possible to have only 16 personalities because everyone is an exception to each rule.

  3. He's obviously an ENTP and I'm angry they typed him as an INFP. People confused Fe with being a feeler. You aren't an INFP just because you get the results. The descriptions on these are general they're like horoscopes. He doesn't care as much about being kind, not as gentle, with fewer values than INFPs. I knew he was an ENTP before this video.

  4. I'm an INFP and it's VERY hard for me to believe that Stephen is one. He isn't very tactful, he isn't warm, and he's completely comfortable in front of enormous audiences. My guess is that, for comedy purposes, he wasn't honest in his answers or he simply didn't take the test at all.

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