10 Most Evil Empires in History

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Biological warfare, slavery and genocide, have all been committed in the name of Empire. From the Ottomans to the Nazi’s we detail the Top 10 Most Evil …

2015-11-26 16:58:28

26 Replies to “10 Most Evil Empires in History”

  1. Such a very silly video. Overblown, exaggerated and full-on Leftist bias. Please ignore most of the conclusions of this video. Almost every country in the world was part of an empire and also had slavery! This sort of video is supposed to guilt-trip Western capitalist, Christian countries for being so successful. Next…!

  2. Where is USA!!! Cause they so didn't persecute them into lands they would colonize which made them flee into Mexican lands where USA annex and persecuted the natives again including British Canada which was then trying to be annexed by the USA.

  3. Portuguese Empire ended on 1974, with a revolution
    Im portuguese and sir, you are spreading wrong information about us.
    During those dark times of the early and mid Empire, we did a lot of shit, but not to convert people to christianity as the MAIN cause. The main cause was economic power and territorial expantion, to seize control of trade goods.
    Then the massacring of "slaves" in 1970, wow that is just fucking retarded of you, learn history fuckface.
    We used to co exist with the native population during the XX century in the colonies. We learned to develop those nations and provide good living conditions, not fucking looting and slauthering like fucking savages.
    Then we fought a war alongside the native population, WHO WERE NOT SLAVES, because some fucking foreign terrorists, instigated by the US, USSR, China, (…), decided to play with corpses of men, women and children.
    We fought back, attrocities were commited, but nothing like you fucking tell on your shit vídeo.
    The native population wanted us there, we were developing those nations, now they are a shit pile due to those fuckface nations that want Africa in the shit, so that they can do their own shit.

  4. Ohhh so as soon is some bad top10 include EUROPEAN countries, suddenly you people are really into showering it with dislikes. I bet if this top said like Indonesia, China, India and Brazil. – it woudl have like 55k likes and 10 dislikes. Shows your real face my dear european friends.

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