3 Lovely Dublin Old Ladies – Very Funny!

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Anne, Marie & Kathleen discuss how they would deal with pampered pets. Warning: not for the easily offended!

2009-07-10 12:43:05

30 Replies to “3 Lovely Dublin Old Ladies – Very Funny!”

  1. goinghomesomeday1 im not talking about ordinary swear words – I was commenting bout the blasphemy – taking the name of God in vain….thats what I was objecting to.

  2. Love the Irish people ,don't blame them for wanting to free of the English Yoke but as most enlightened folks know its not really the english that control its the regime that usurped the English that one needs to look at .

  3. Dino D… its only words??!! I can accept a certain amount of swear words…but when it comes to Taking our Lord's Name in vain which is blasphemy. breaking one of the commandments is despicable. maybe you think its ok to blaspheme…but I dont.

  4. Brilliant!! Only the Irish can make the F word sound funny. Some folk need to lighten up! Hopefully you will all feel better once you have the pokers removed from your arses! 😀

  5. To funny…I just adore the world's different accents I wish I had one…my kitty sleeps on my bed with me and when I get little nips at my legs I know it's time to get up, and let him out to go do his thing cause he refuses to use a litter pan.. CRAZY I KNOW, HE'S A TRIP…LOL, ✌💜😂♌💯🇺🇸

  6. Reminds me of my aunty Bridie, she would phone my mum up for a chat and I would often speak to her for the craic. Before I handed the phone back to my mum, my aunty would say, "come here before you go, don't tell your mum I was feckin swearing". Sadly my mum and aunt are no longer with us.

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