Creepypasta – Sonic’s Last Adventure

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The scariest thing since sliced bread. Read this horror on your own at:

2014-01-30 01:17:32

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  2. My Creepypasta is much better than this:

    I went to a flea market, and this guy told me he was selling games on the NES. I had a NES and only had Super Mario Bros 3 at home, so I asked him what he had. He said he had a cartridge of Super Mario Bros 2 and he would give it to me for 1 cent. What a deal! I thought to myself. I gave him the money, and I got the cartridge. The cover art looked the same, except the fact Mario's eyes were full black. I didn't care, I walked back home, and put the cartridge in the NES. The TV was already on, so I got the controller, and pressed the power button on the NES. It started up as normal, and there wasn't any story. I pressed start to go to the Character Selection Screen, and I saw something freaky. Mario looked exactly what he looked like on the cover, Luigi was crying tears, Toad was sliced in half, and Peach was dead, with a knife in the middle of her chest. It was not what I expected. I couldn't choose anyone but Toad, so I choosed Toad. This time, Toad was crying blood, not hyper realistic blood, just 8-Bit blood. There wasn't Shy Guys or the bird dudes, there were just the Goombas and Koopas. When I got to the part where I fight Birdo, Birdo wasn't in sight at all! I beat the first level, and I couldn't play anyone but Mario, so I played as Mario. Mario played the same, but instead of throwing them, he stabbed them, and then threw them. Also, he was invincible, unlike Toad, so that meant I beat the second level no problem. I couldn't play as anyone other then Luigi, so I played as Luigi. He played just as he did in the original SMB2. I got to Mouser, but Mouser's corpse was on the platform, and Mario was seen putting the knife into his chest. Mario turned and looked at Luigi, and smiled. He left in the white door to World 2. Luigi walked into the white door, and after the slot machine mini-game, I couldn't move, not even a little. I even plugged in a second controller and it didn't work. I turned off the NES, took the cartridge out of the NES, and threw it in the trash can that was in my room. It's still there to this day, and I don't want anyone to suffer the same thing I had to go through.

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