Drone Delivered Abortion Pills & the Fight for Reproductive Rights

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2015-08-04 14:31:13

43 Replies to “Drone Delivered Abortion Pills & the Fight for Reproductive Rights”

  1. the whore who has two kids but has a abortion beacuse it is ruining her plans is disgusting you are killing your childrens brother or sister
    you are a disgusting mother and do not deserve your kids

  2. how about not get pregnant in the first place and no I don't mean rape victims, I'm mean the irresponsible people who don't try to do things correctly and just strait up don't care, if you know you can't afford a child or you just don't want one, don't fucking do it, or at least wear a fucking condom, there are things to avoid pregnancy a head of time, before you spread your legs, protect yourself, stopping being idiots, sex can fucking wait.

  3. @all the idiots claiming abortion is wrong because killing innocent life is wrong: oh please, shut the fuck up. you don't actually give a rat's ass about the unborn fetus. innocent people are shot all the time without justice. innocent people are dying slowly of starvation. if you care so much about protecting life, why aren't you doing more to save the lives of those who are already living? that's right. it's because you don't actually care. you just want a say in other people's businesses. which, by the way, is selfish and wrong.

  4. I hope that the protesters realize that when a clinic closes, people loose their jobs and their income which then doesn't let them provide for their children and/or themselves as easily or at all.

  5. I really appreciate Broadly taking the time to interview groups from both sides of the debate; however, I have no idea how she was able to listen to the guy from Texas without rolling her eyes and slapping his face. Kudos to your absolute professionalism.

  6. Using religion as an argument against abortion is honestly just stupid…let women decide what to do with their unborn child and their body…Everyone should decide that for themselves!

  7. imagine a situation when God forbid a girl gets raped and she gets pregnant do u think its fair that the girl does not have a choice whether she wants to abort or not I think it depends on certain situations. its not like women willingly want to abort. its a serious decision.

  8. A lot of these "pro-life" people are male, which will never get pregnant. The women that are "pro-lifers" are a disappointment to the female sex. To these women I say have a fun life being a house wife with no purpose besides pleasing their husband and squeezing babies out and raising them to be ignorant like yourself.

  9. That man did not just say "she might see a tiny baby come out"………..that statement in and of itself (sarcastic or not sarcastic) is the exact fucking reason he should in no way be drafting anything regarding the healthcare of women.

  10. Uh why do we care for stupid white children while black children are starving. White people should seriously step back now and let other races take over. In that way I think it's good that the reproduction rates of europeans is so low that they will go extinct in a couple generations. About time we white people stop polluting this world with out wars, fake technology, genocides and other inventions of ours like slavery.

  11. At around @20:00 when she was talking about how women don't "forgive" themselves after an abortion just breaks my heart. If seeking an abortion wasn't so stigmatized we would not have women that are guilt-ridden for something that is not even wrong. As an American, it pains me how the culture is not conducive to providing effective and safe reproductive care to women.

  12. I think that it's wrong to force someone to have a child they don't want how is that solving anything there will be more unloved kids however I feel that if you are having sex you should be responsible so that won't happen sex isn't so good that you couldn't wait to put on a condom that's just irresponsible and stupid so you can get the abortion but don't be mad if people blame and judge you because it is your fault for not being responsible I'm not against abortions I'm against you the one who is irresponsible and only cares about how they're feeling when they want to have sex and doesn't care about the consequences behind that abortions should be for people who have been raped or have complications with pregnancy not for people who just went out and had fun and then one of having an accident grow up and be responsible for your own actions no one is going to pity you

  13. me and my abusive ex boyfriend just broke up last month. this month i didnt have a period. i love kids (sometimes) but i dont want to bring this child to the world knowing his father will kick my door down again just because i have a baby by him. that would be depressing and stressful. i already have kids that he didnt mind hitting me on front of… so what will he do abt his own. i cant afford an abortion and i dont want to give it up for adoption because who knows if he'll be crazy like his dad and that would be punishment for an innocent family. God help me!!

  14. War on women? Please. It's a war on abortion. Why do so many women cry sexism and make themselves appear to be victims all the time? The reason it seems like it's a war on women is because men don't get pregnant (obviously), so they can't exactly "get an abortion." And don't be hypocritical. The logic of aggressive pro-lifers (although not healthy or moral) is that, if you feel it's ok to kill your own baby because you don't want it to exist, why should it not be ok to kill you because they don't want you to exist?

    I don't agree with the pro-lifers who take violent actions against women who want abortions. However, I do disagree with women who believe it's ok to have an abortion simply because they don't want it (mortal diseases, risk of death to the mother, incest, rape [I'm a little iffy on that one though], etc are things I am lenient on when it comes to abortion.

    There is no such thing as an unwanted child. Some one out there in this world will want them. Should we just go around killing off orphans since they are "unwanted" children? No. Why? Because their lives are worth more than a fetus? Don't be ridiculous, those lives once were a fetus. Humans don't just turn from something non-human to something human (except during fertilization). If you don't want to see that from a philosophical point of view, then look at it from a scientific point of view.

    Scenario: A human sperm fertilizes a human egg. That fertilized egg become a … Dog zygote? Flower zygote? Rabbit zygote, cow zygote? Pig zygote? A mass-of-nothing zygote (which, in that case, that zygote would grow and develop into a mass of nothing, not a human)? It becomes a human zygote. And that human zygote becomes… You guessed it, a human embryo. The process continues until the new being is developed enough to survive outside the womb (although with modern science, it "technically" could survive outside the womb if in the right conditions).

    Forget all the "philosophy" about life beginning at conception. Life technically does begin at conception since it now has all 46 chromosomes and all the biologic instructions that create a human being. That is when each of ALL OF US begins our lives. Although, if you think life doesn't begin until you're outside of the womb then… I guess you can believe what you want to believe. It could be debated when exactly life starts, but I won't go into that right now.

    sigh What the hell am I even commenting for? This issue of abortion will never be agreed upon. Humans are inherently selfish and self-centered (to a degree, of course; some more so than others), no matter what side they are on, and that will always create divide within the beliefs of individuals.

  15. It is so heart breaking reading these comments. Once that sperm penetrates that egg, it is a baby, regardless what you believe. God put a beautiful spirit there to be loved & cherished, not killed because of what is legal & normal in the world. In your heart of hearts you know its wrong, yet the world has desensitized you to believe that it is not you killing your own flesh made baby. Yet it is a scar, that no matter how hidden, will always be there in your heart because in your soul you know what you did even if you won't admit it( I know a few women who have had abortions & it will forever effect them). A baby has been know as a blessing for people from God. I had to do a research paper last year on abortions, & I can't tell you the disturbing, heartbreaking, traumatizing, & trouble sleep this caused me from everything I learned. They have found that a baby at a couple of weeks CAN FEEL PAIN, & at 19 weeks can be living, yet you can get a abortion at 29 weeks, REALLY??!!?? Please don't have conceive the baby if you don't want one, & if it was not by choice that you had sex, that baby is still a spirit that God put in your body. And you can give up that baby for abortion,etc., but give the baby a choice in living, Please.

  16. If you have goals in life , and don't want to have kids then why are you having unprotected sex ?
    There are condoms , there is plan B if the condom breaks, we are in 2016 people !!!
    Keep y'all leg closed women !!

  17. I have so much admiration for these women who are helping other women access safe abortions. The fact that they must go through such extreme measures to do so is horrifying and shows a deep injustice to women's reproductive rights. I am very privileged to come from a place that is generally very supportive of a women's right to choose, but I will continue to fight for reproductive justice because I believe that all women, regardless of location or socioeconomic status, should be able to access safe and legal abortion care. Broadly, thank you for opening our eyes to the current struggles that many women face when making an incredibly personal and difficult decision <3

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