How I Met Your Mother – Bloopers / Behind the Scenes

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How I Met Your Mother – Bloopers (Season 1 – 5) It’s gonna be legend – wait for it – and I hope you’re not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word …

2010-11-17 08:35:24

48 Replies to “How I Met Your Mother – Bloopers / Behind the Scenes”

  1. At 11:35 was that (I forget her real name) robins nips cause it looked very unprofessional considering they are shooting a tv show and you can see the actors boobs. That is simply uncouth but it dose soften the blow and add a bit of comedic timing when you realize the scene they are shooting. Just thought I'd put that out there along side my two cents

  2. I just watched the episode "the platinum Rule" ITS JUST A SHIRT. people are saying it's her boobs, it's not, it's just tight on her and on this video it's too pixely to see the white patterns on her shirt

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