How To Make A Cream – Herbalism Basics 6

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Herbalism Basics 6 – How To Make A Cream. This is one of a series of 6 YouTube videos explaining the basic principals of making various herbal preperations.

2011-01-15 17:17:25

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  1. Why not use lecitin as a natural emulsifier? he mentioned mayonnaise himself and that's because licithin is found egg yolks, but is also derived from soy. The clean licithin is made into pellets witch can be soacked in water/herb juice and mixed before adding the oils. bees wax is not actually an emulsifier, but works more like a supplement for an emulsifier. Instead you could have used both bees wax and licithin for a better result. I'm not really a herbivore myself (XD) but it just seems like a better choice for making a cream that mixes better without using chemicals. Btw it has been done by many people so i'm not making it up

  2. people are also allergic to beeswax…. my daughter for instance which is a pain since im a salve maker. I use soy wax or borax as an alternative to beeswax when necessary

  3. I love your videos! But it would be really neat if you told us whats in some of your ingredients? Such as the decoction/water based half…. There are so many ways to combine herbs and I am always interested to see what combinations others use ^_^

  4. I have a question, if I use an alcohol tincture can/or does that take the place of the "water based" tincture, or do I still need to add the water based tincture? Trying to make a cream for an open leg wound that I've been dealing with for 4 years now, it's not deep and everything the "western doctors" are doing is NOT working,,, HELP., PLEASE. Thanks

  5. When making any kind of salves or lotions and storing them in jars, never use your fingers to remove some of that product to use on your skin. Each time you stick your finger in that jar, you are adding bacteria to the jar. Use a clean popsicle stick , spoon or other CLEAN implement to remove the cream from the container thereby reducing the chance of introducing additional bacteria to the product you have made.

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