“Two Years on the Yangtze” – Peter Hessler speaks at Google

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In 1996, 26-year-old Peter Hessler arrived in Fuling, a town on China’s Yangtze River, to begin a two-year Peace Corps stint as a teacher at the local college.

2007-07-16 18:10:08

22 Replies to ““Two Years on the Yangtze” – Peter Hessler speaks at Google”

  1. Wow, that observation on newspaper hanging on the abandoned house wall is really picturesque. The changes in China went so quiet that you hardly felt it happen in a day to day life, but you got astonished every time you look back.

  2. I recently finished Oracle Bones. It is really a captivating tale containing multiple threads of stories. It amazes me that Hessler was able to cover so much about China in just one book, but not lose the reader along the way. Great stuff!

  3. I have been reading "River Town" since this afternoon till this very moment. It is really a great surprise and enjoyment to see author himself speaking from youtube and google(I have been imagine what the author would look like ) and puzzled that how an American would be mistook as Uighur in China.


  4. Peter, you're brilliant and introduced me to the China I wanted to meet. Thank you for 'Rivertown' And today I hear of your book "Oracle". My Chinese journey does not have to end!

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