The Switch

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A woman approaching middle age yet still childless decides to get pregnant by artificial insemination, only to discover that the donor she chose may not be the …

2012-03-08 20:56:24

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  1. But because the two genes depend on eachother, it is possible for someone to actually be a carrier of the dominant trait like brown eyes, and if two blue eyed parents are carriers, then it is quite possible for them to have a brown eyed child. So please just watch the movie and shut the fuck up, before I make you look completely retarded… AGAIN. 

  2. Having Sebastian as the son of Kassie and Roland or even Wally is improbable to almost impossible. Both Jennifer Anniston and Jason Bateman have blue eyes were is homozygous recessive meaning the alleles at both lowercase bb. This means they can only pass on a b to their offspring. Notice how Sebastian has brown eyes which can be homozygous dominant (BB) or heterozygous (Bb). Neither of those is bb so it's not realistic that this child could be the offspring of the two parents.

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