Women Pick The Perfect Penis. STUDY

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A new study has discovered the dimensions of the perfect penis. Using 3D printing, researchers discovered the size and shape that women view as the perfect …

2015-09-06 03:00:01

48 Replies to “Women Pick The Perfect Penis. STUDY”

  1. Average size penis is roughly 5-5.5 inches. Women state the ideal as 6.3 inches. I don't want to hear women complain when men want larger breasts than average anymore, thank you.

  2. All the men here are like "Why do women think men are sex objects? It's gross and rude." Hmm I think it's the other way around. You men only value us at sex objects then you try and cover yourself up but say it's the other way around. I think not.

  3. Looks like only mutilated penis models were used. What happened to the intact penises (with foreskins still attached)? Eighty percent of all men on the earth are intact! Who funded this absurd study the ACOG? The AAP? Operation Abraham?

  4. So, if the average size of a woman's vagina is 3.5 inches, then (=3.5×2) 6.5 to 8.5 inches or 7 inches, should be the preferred size due to the in and out, push and pull, friction of stimulation (scratch it effect) for a constabnt. So if the effect really depended on the intensity, of what woman may need and/or look for. Well what if maybe a woman needs a 2 and 1/5 percent on the in and out. That would mean she prefers a dck 9.1 inches long for effect, or at least a faster pumper. Either way we lose. Do the math.

  5. Why would you care about a person's job or how intelligent they are if you're never going to see them again?

    Men have better spatial recognition skills than women do.

    Unless these women routinely measure their partners or have penises in their face constantly I doubt they remember the size they prefer on sight(especially if they seeing it w/o a body attached which would make it look smaller by comparison).

    The real ideal is probably bigger.

  6. So when women do the same thing men do to women, men don't like it but men get upset when women don't like being objected. Hmmm, seems odd as how female sexual objection is the major norm, that is coming to a change. Men will know how what ferling dead inside is when women start catcalling them and start using men for oral sex toys without any care for the man's pleasure or personhood.

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