☾ Sailor Moon: Kōan ✧ Black Moon Clan Collab

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Halloween is coming! Who will YOU be? Here’s an idea – Kōan, the youngest of the Ayakashi Sisters from the Black Moon Clan in Sailor Moon. I did my own take …

2015-10-03 04:53:56

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  1. I have been your follower for a long time. I've wondered for long why you have suddenly changed from your normal anime-like, original style to these unusual 'psychedelic' 'dreamer' styles, on top of that you rarely upload videos. I just assumed u had a lot going on and you have become arrogant, the way u produce your videos nowadays & the way u dont rly interact with ur fans. but then it clicked. u have gone to the 'dark side'. ur odd zeal for stars and moons and dreams and pentagons. hypnotizing ur viewers with these and even putting it to ur cosmetic line. people who read this may think Im crazy, but I know Im not the only one who is aware of these satanic elements. ur twitter and ig proves it all and it is very blatant in this video. unsubscribed.

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