Norm MacDonald on Dennis Miller 1998 best guest ever

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2011-10-13 23:44:54

42 Replies to “Norm MacDonald on Dennis Miller 1998 best guest ever”

  1. Norm is so funny that I think even he is entertained by his stuff when he's delivering it. Like he's two places at once. As if he was in the audience watching himself.

    He's so funny and witty, I get memorized and almost don't laugh. Then the laugh comes, but it's more of an appreciation for how good he is.

  2. "A seventy year old dude with a super hard cock."
    I always thought they made Viagra for those guys who have god-awful obese wives who drip cheese when they spread their hairy lips. Who can get it up in that scenario? But then they have these commercials where the wives are super hot-looking cougars with firm tits and asses and shaved pussies that want cock all of the time. Something's wrong here, eh?

  3. Norm is hilarious, but Dennis Miller ruins it trying to be funny. Dennis was never funny even before he turned into a right-wing dipshit. He has a impressive collection of trivia in his head, but doesn't know how to put it together into anything funny. He just wastes time trying to contribute anything. Norm, on the other hand, can read the phone book and make it funny.

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