Power Rangers Dino Charge & Super MegaForce Team Up – How would it look?

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After doing a lot of thinking, I have finally come up with a way that could make a Dino Charge and Super Mega Force team up work. Although I’m not the biggest …

2015-04-16 03:01:26

38 Replies to “Power Rangers Dino Charge & Super MegaForce Team Up – How would it look?”

  1. Make a video on what you think happened to insidious (maybe make him reanimate the dino charge and megaforce monsters and they would then be good and bond to emergems and make the only evil monsters be: mavro malkor arcanon memorella heximas sledge proffeser cog and deboss)

  2. My favorite team up will be Dino thunder and spd that is my fav ranger team up as far this will be great idea by having the power rangers Dino charge and super megafore will team up I will not work out it will be a whole nother ball game for the rangers?..!!!

  3. If this happened, imagine if Chase saw Gia in Dino Charge Black suit. (Obviously there's no yellow ranger in Dino Charge so what else Gia would be?)

    Chase seeing Gia as female Dino Charge Black

    Chase: Hey! Hey! Looks I literally met my match. Hello gorgeous.

    Gia: Uh, hi

    Then Jake as Dino Charge Green buts in

    Jake: Hey buzz off, dude. She's mine.

  4. I'd have a new villain who would be Mavros wife and Vrak & Vekkars mother and I'd say her name is Mully and I'd have her rebuild Robo knight and have him attack Amber Beach hoping to lure out the Mega force rangers because Mully thinks that's where they are and the Dino charger rangers fight Robo knight and are about to finish him off until the mega force rangers show up and stop them they would then work together to get Robo knight back and once they succeed Sledge decides to recruit Mully and help her built the robots she was planning to use to destroy the rangers (which she would use incase Robo knight failed) and then after Sledge has the robots built he orders Wrench, Fury, Singe & an army of Vivix to help Mully and her Robots to destroy the rangers and then the full teams (including Prince Phillip & Tylers dad) all join together and fight Mully and her team and the rest writes itself. Also the episodes name would be Mega Allies

  5. Well,if i would make the team up it has to be with the ivan,kendall(ms.morgan) & prince phillip. Oh,ya james(tyler's father) too. And the team up should have been in dino supercharge because sledge is destroy. But it has to come up with just one of the monster from megaforce or super megaforce and team up with snide/heckyl,singe,fury and rench to get the rangers. For me i would make the episode into 2 parts and If i can make the title for the episode it will be called either super dino mega charge part 1 and 2 or rangers or foes part 1 and 2 or energy of the psycho part 1 and 2 or the forbidden hypnosis part 1 and 2.

  6. I'm okay that we won't get the mighty morphin, Dino thunder team up But we need at least a team up between super megaforce. Dino charge is the comeback of power rangers, it needs the traditional team up

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