The Blue Lagoon (4/8) Movie CLIP – Sticky Kiss (1980) HD

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2012-10-25 20:56:01

22 Replies to “The Blue Lagoon (4/8) Movie CLIP – Sticky Kiss (1980) HD”

  1. please tell me honestly, truthfully are the kissing scenes for real? if yes then its depressing to watch i mean brooke was only 14 and yet shes undergo with this kind of situations i know its just acting but its crazy to imagine it

  2. Guys, CHILL OUT. How do you think the first humans fell in love? Because they saw it on tumblr? NAH-AH. Srly, this is so innocent and pure. Please watch the whole movie before you comment.

  3. She's been nude scenes since she was younger then this. She placed a 12 year old prostitute and was naked for most of the film. But what she played was true. Children were sold or was in brothels in a certain era. And it was normal were as now it child abuse, trafficking, rape,….etc

  4. this shit is so weird. im sorry but this is crossing pedophile territory for me. this makes me feel disgusted. i think brooke shields and so pretty but this is a weird ass scene

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