Blockbuster WWE Backstage News & Updates On Roman Reigns Triple H & Dean Ambrose

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2016-02-07 19:50:04

31 Replies to “Blockbuster WWE Backstage News & Updates On Roman Reigns Triple H & Dean Ambrose”

  1. how I would make this years WM match card

    New Day vs Dudleyz vs USOs vs RTruth & Goldust

    1st Match: U.S CHAMPION MATCH,
    Kalisto vs Sin Cara(heel)

    2nd Match: Braun Strowman vs Big Show


    Kevin Owens vs AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho vs Neville vs Luke Harper vs Dolph Ziggler

    Brock Lesnar vs Bray Wyatt

    5th Match:DIVAS CHAMPION
    Charlotte vs Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks

    6th Match:3rd Annual Andre The Giant Battle Royal

    The Undertaker vs Kane

    MAIN EVENT: Triple Threat Match For The WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP With Special Guest Referee Daniel Bryan,

    Triple H w/ Shawn Michaels & Stephanie & Mr McMahon
    vs Roman Reigns w/ The Rock & Ronda Rousey
    vs Dean Ambrose w/ Stone Cold Steve Austin

  2. I don't think triple h in the main event is a good idea, they're supposed to build new stars, last year was good because roman was that new star and Lesnar was the current star. I think roman vs Ambrose would keep people interested more than hhh vs roman, cuz that's too predictable

  3. I see this happening:
    The Wyatts Interfere(Bray Taking Out Lesner) While The Rest Take Out Dean & Roman(Match Over)
    Next Night On Raw Stephanie Makes Announcement Of Roman Vs Dean At Wrestlemania With Winner To Face Triple H In Main Event.
    Dean Comes Away With The Win
    As Dean Is About Ari Beat Triple H Roman Turns Heel And Helps Triple H Retain!
    Next Night On Raw There Is Hype For A Roman Vs Triple H Main Event For the Title.
    The Match Has A Very BIG FIGHT FEEL..(Bell Rings)
    They Both Smile While Triple H Lays Down And Roman Pins For The 1.2.3

  4. My matchcard for WM32
    Reigns vs HHH (WHC No DQ)
    Ambrose vs Owens (IC Title Ladder Match)
    Brock vs Bray
    Taker vs Orton
    Kalisto vs Neville (US Title)
    Dudleys vs Usos (Tag Titles)
    Sasha vs Bayley (Womens Title)
    Andre the Giant Battle Royal
    Sami Zayn vs Finn Balor (NXT Title)
    Aj Styles vs Jericho

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