The Dangers of Colloidal Silver


For many years Paul Karason drank a solution known as colloidal silver, which is touted by many as being a cure all and remedy for just about any disease, …

2007-12-20 22:59:07

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  1. I first was neutral about colloidal silver, but today I must confess it has indeed some serious  side effects, Fisrt of all it makes your doctor unemployed and since he is the one who signed contrcats with the pharmaceutical industry in order to push the idea i your brains that all diseases can only be cured with chemical drugs, which, just by conicidence, all happen to be on the list of patented pharmaceutical drugs of the compamies who finance the Univeristies of Medicine, so if they cannot sell as much chemicals to you and you consume less of it, your immunity system becomes strong again which is terrible in their eyes because they finance 51% of all Universities of Medicine, and they MUST get benefits of it, otherwise, why finance it?

  2. im using colloidal silver for the first time. my dog had a fight & got her arm broken, torn ligaments & tendons, etc. she had a whole the size of a golf ball in her arm that u could see clean through. ive been spraying colloidal silver 3 times a day, along with calendula, comfrey, & gotu kola oil. in 3 days i can already see a major difference. the bone, tissue, tendons, muscles etc is beginning to grow back. i spent over $1000 at the vet for no significant improvement but only $30 for a miraculous cure.

  3. Just weak propaganda to keep people away from colloidal silver….anyone with any intelligence and common sense can do their own research and come to their own conclusions…

  4. If the silver stuff works as an antibiotic and his body is full of it, does he get sick? Would that be so bad, being blue without ever getting the flu.. yo? Or will it just make things worse when bacteria develop a resistance to it, and what gives him the flu kills others? Is he the next step of evolution? Is he En Papah Smurf, the first mutant?

  5. Another easy to make home remedy slammed by the alphabet agencies. Paul overdosed himself on silver compounds. Go to any website that carries a line of photo darkroom chemicals and see what Paul chugged…..SILVER NITRATE…. a toxic compound used in making Black & White photography and silver prints. Paul also got himself on the top tv shows and was paid to travel about speaking his "victim" b.s. to MD's and FDA gatherings. He once blabbed in a bar the tremendous amounts and content of the fake "colloidal" silver he ingested. His silver compound concotions included salts, sugars and the use of heat. He did not die of a silver overdose. Heart attack. Thanks Paul. You may have killed the cure for the cold and many other diseases. Big pharma is making billions pushing drugs like a mafia structured cartel.

    Why Silver?

    Silver has been used to fight infections since the dawn of time. I became interested in silver after fighting years of recurring lung infections. I simply wanted to breathe and it had been as if my breath was being stolen from me.

    I bought some books, studied and learned how to properly make low voltage direct current colloidal silver. I ordered the supplies and got busy making CS. God's first gift to man was the breath of life and our enemies seem very interested in attacking in the respiratory tract. Silver (properly colloided and administered) is proven to kill all varieties of bacteria, viruses, and most molds and fungus types. Getting silver into my lungs strengthens my respiratory tract to fight against many pathogens.

    Pure .9999 Colloidal Silver is amazing! I deeply inhale it, spray it up my nose, mist my closed eyes, spray my hands and steering wheel/doorknobs. I also use it for a deodorant booster, foot spray and much more. Have not turned blue and get tons of sun.

    Electrically charged silver solutions are only a hundred or so years old. They were commonly used until the advent of penicillin. New testing of these solutions began again in earnest in the 80s when so many antibiotics faltered. It might be wise to learn a few of the ancient medical practices. Take some time to read up on silver. The new research is quite interesting.

    "Defend Your Vitality" (no one else will)

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