6 MUST KNOW SIGNS of DEPRESSION! psychology with therapist Kati Morton | mental health & symptoms

What will be the symptoms to identify ED?

6 SIGNS of DEPRESSION that you MUST KNOW! Depression is extremely important to notice as soon as possible. Signs to look for: feelings of hopelessness or …

2014-02-24 04:08:33

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  1. Hi Kati, thank you for your support and videos. How does one register to become a member on your website please?and do you have any content regarding not wanting to do anything because one does not find worth/purpose ?

  2. I know I'm depressed but I try HARD to look up and have a smile normally it's fake but I know it seems legit but I burst into tears at any point every day and when that see you crying you just can't get in to it because they would never understand and i feel like the only one I can talk to is myself because there is know one that will understand but your self

  3. I’m a kid and bc of that,I feel like everyone else around me thinks it isn’t possible to be this way because I’m so young.
    I don’t eat as much because I don’t feel like it,and I think of dying even though I really have barely any need to actually do anything related to ending it all.
    I hope things get better,but I can tell everyone’s getting really annoyed with me.

  4. I actually have all of these but I don't want to tell anyone because I feel like they won't believe me because I always act so happy and confident but when no one is around I'm actually crying and asking myself hundreds of questions and just thinking '' what is my purpose? why do I exist? can anyone else tell?" help.

  5. I hav nvr tolf anyone how i feel but i think i have depression frm wat ur saying but im just a child and im just not sure

    Edit:but the only thing keeping me happy(so called) is music classical,pop,country luv them all i hope to be a singer when i grow up(:)

  6. I struggle feeling hopeless, apathetic, and pessimistic during menstrual cycles
    But it all lasts fooooreeever. I might have one week of feeling normal and then it feels like the depressed cycle starts right up.

    I also sleep..a lot. Even befire I worked third shift. Even if I'm not tired..my brain is. I have a lot of anxiety and every single day I fantasize about my funeral. I don't wanna kill myself and even like being alive so I have no idea where it comes from

  7. I hate to tell you, but getting help costs money. A huge amount in fact. Especially when you're not in US and therapy is not covered by medical insurance. And besides that… I think that everybody should have the right to die when they wish to. I mean, not young children, of course, they may be helped. But, as an adult, if help doesn't work, you should have the option to end the ordeal. Like they do in the Netherlands. I really don't understand this overzealous care for people who want to suicide. I find it really creepy and out of place. If people really did care, I bet that a lot of us wouldn't get there in the first place. But that's the problem, people don't care and then they pretend to care. It's bullshit!

  8. When I'm around with friends I fake my smile, happiness, and joy. Once I come home I would cry and think deep thoughts. I never knew how I got depressed but I always have feelings of sadness. I don't want to spread it so I try and hide it.

  9. I’m too scared and shy to tell my mother and ask her if I have depression but I have almost all of these on this video I’m only 13 but I cry so much and think about suicide.

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