Extenze Plus Real Review and Results

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Read my written Extenze Plus review here: http://www.supplementcritique.com/extenze-extended-release-review-my-results-with-the-new-formula/ Extenze …

2017-01-27 17:33:45

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  1. This stuff gave me an ulcer that sent me to the E.R. The doctor said the ingredients are brutal on your stomach, especially if you drink alcohol or take a lot of ibuprofen. No review has mentioned this effect. So be where of the truth. It was hell. They do work great for E.D. but definitely not something you should take Daily like the instructions tell you. Use it when you need it just like Viagra.

  2. So how does it work exactly? Do you take it and then like 30 minutes to an hour later you get an automatic boner? Or is it like when you start to get aroused your penis just stays harder longer? Not sure I want to take this and have a boner when it's not an opportune time lol.

  3. thanks for your review man. I picked some up at Wal-Mart and am gonna give it a go. here's my situation. I've never needed a any type of help with hardness or premature ejaculation. I'm 26 years old. recently I've entered a 2 relationships. 1 was 18 she was half black super hot, thick, and athletic. no problems going for over 20 minutes with her. the next girl is 18 tall and built like a a model more my type. super tight too lol. she's literally so hot I have to pace myself or I will orgasm. well in turn pacing myself and backing myself away from orgasm was making me loose some major hardness which has been frustrating. I'm hoping this helps at least till the strange wears off if you know what I mean?

  4. so would you say instead of me taking it every morning I can actually just get away with taking it an hour before sex I'm just looking to get more of a harder erection not really worried about gaining more size

  5. I have a question.
    I have no problem with size or getting up, is staying up that hurts..like premature ejaculation. Would this be a good product to use to go a few extra rounds ?

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