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Bastiaan Rosman inhales the vapor of the drug Poppers (Amyl Nitrite). A yellow, stinking and most of all, flammable liquid that brings you in a daze of 2 minutes.

2016-11-18 16:00:00

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  1. I have been using poppers for over 30 years with no (lasting) ill effects. In 1997 they changed the formula from isobutyl nitrite to isopropyl nitrite on the grounds that isobutyl can cause Kaposi's Sarcoma …hmm, I'm not convinced. The new formula is far less effective (the real reason for the change I suspect) loses strength faster and can cause permanent eye damage. On the continent, the formula is pentyl nitrite. I am awaiting delivery of a bottle ..will report my findings. Thumbs up.

  2. No Brasil, temos um composto que já foi muito utilizado chamado "lança-perfume", sua composição é feita de 3 partes de éter, 2 partes de clorofórmio e 1 de álcool.
    Eu diria que a trip é parecida com o popper e também com o NO2, se possível, experimentem para nos mostrar e também entender como era/é o carnaval!!!

  3. i did these everyday until like… yesterday bc i got a bad rash. guys these are kind of dangerous don't do them if you're anaemic… fuck they're so good during sex though

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