How To crack Any WordPress Hash

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Thank You For watching ^^ Download python : Download PassLib : Download WP Killer : Don’t …

2015-05-10 16:18:30

5 Replies to “How To crack Any WordPress Hash”

  1. While waiting for hashcat to complete its current run (4 more hours) I noticed your blog post. Out of some interest to see if there was another well written powerful tool like hashcat available I follow the link, watched first half of video. Using python, and passlib I realized this was not what it was made out to be, curiosity drove me to get the script. One fake python download from containing another link, two ads later I get to see the code.

    I give you props for inventiveness and marketing hype, and a slam for pretending that using passlib and a loop to iterate through the contents of a wordlist and attempt to auth with the hash is 'cracking' anything. Simple brute-force auth test? Yes, and a great idea but inherently slow, no rules to modify the wordlist input, etc. Wasting…now 10 minutes of my life fronting like that? That's messed up. You'd get more respect being real from the start, it is an interesting and concise script. but damn

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