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@qtbeauty @doritmi @miche371 @LTock @TheFrankmanMN @EmmaGPaley @kidoctr @DanaElizabeth69 @jkellyca @Plasticdoe @agargmd @DumpTrump7 @LaLaRueFrench75 @ghoppe @PharmaNemesis @Organic_Mumzy @Sheeple101 @MilanovNina @KristenJayne1 @regina1775 @LilEarthling369 @and_kell @janem1276 @eTweeetz @AlokPatelMD @SaveTWRadio @Gardeniagal4 @Charbrevolution @Vbalance03 @A_Silent_Child @Cloudhunter @badzoot7 @StopVaxxedLies @kenjaques @steffieschiltz @nicolasDenver @science_guy5 @MariaRivera_OC @DrPaolini @PBAutismInst @loj5598 @borgmanjj @md444444444 @CanAgnosAtheist @justice69hall @TakeThatDarwin @VeritasDolor @DrMichaelMaster @cj_0771 @jennaudrey That is not correct. Very few of the possible side effects there have ever been shown to have a causal relationship. They have to list the most common complaints whether there is an association or not. Again, read this article fir further insight: https://t.co/OluoChSLt4

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