SwankiVY’s 5000 Subscribers Epic Q&A! (You asked, I answered!)

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To celebrate 5000 subscribers, I answered 88 viewer-submitted questions! See below for the list of questions I answered and the time codes for each if you want …

2015-09-23 06:51:36

29 Replies to “SwankiVY’s 5000 Subscribers Epic Q&A! (You asked, I answered!)”

  1. I know I'm super late to the party, but hey, better late than never I guess! I really enjoyed watching this and getting to know you a bit better.
    I'm so excited to hear that you identify as a pagan! I always love finding more of us in unexpected places. I'm also an eclectic pagan, although I'm a soft polytheist. I also agree with basically everything you said about religion. I couldn't put it better myself!
    Pretty much the same goes for politics, it's almost like you read my mind. The one exception is with gun control, where I'm much more harsh. That probably comes from living in a country where guns are banned, with exceptions for sports and hunting, but that requires special permits and there are still restrictions on that.
    Also YES, YES, YES on everything regarding Steven Universe! <3

    Unlikely you though, I love animals and travelling, they are my biggest passions, but I don't fault you for not sharing my interests 🙂

  2. the More I watch your stuff the more Amazing you seem. As a nonbinary Grey Ace person I'd Love to read to read your online work where can I find it? & How can I connect to you via social Media? If you are Ok with me getting in contact with you – No pressure 🙂

  3. I know this is an old vid, but since you like both Avatar series: have you seen the creators' latest show? It's a reboot of an 80s mecha anime and it's called Voltron: Legendary Defender. I like it lots.

  4. If literary agents don't get paid until a deal goes through, (if it does at all) can't a person choose to pay them for their time?

    Seems like you could at least throw minimum wage at them, or a 'tip' as thank you.

    My mother is a real estate agent, so I have a good idea of the frustration that causes.

  5. Since you said we could ask additional questions: thanks! I was afraid you'd find it annoying. I want to ask: do you like the band Gorillaz?

    I just wanted to ask, because I recently started listening to them again, and I'm super-obsessed.

  6. I would recommend the show Star Vs. the Forces of Evil. It's a cartoon on Disney about a magic using princess from another dimension who comes to Earth as a sort of exchange student. I think it's a great show, and much like Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and Gravity Falls, it starts off fun and nonsensical, but gets pretty serious later on. I'm a big fan of all those series, so I think you might like watching Star too.

  7. Ergh . . . these jokers who object to marriage equality on the grounds of some enlightened libertarian ideology never seemed to utter a peep before. But NOW they have a passion to be heard? Spare me the obfuscation by these theocrats in anarchist clothing, sweet baby Cheezits.

  8. Hi swankivy, I just wanted to tell you that I think you're doing a wonderful job 🙂 I've only recently accepted my own Asexuality and your videos had a huge part in that. It took me a long time to figure out what I am, and all the information you posted here and all the comments and everything made me realize it's okay to be me and that I'm not broken and not alone. So thank you for that, you had such a huge part in my acceptance of myself and thanks to you I'm happier than I can ever remember 🙂 Keep being the amazing person that you are, I hope you get all the happiness you deserve.

  9. Congratulation for your 5k subs! And thank you. For answering my questions. For these videos you've made and helped me to understand who I am. For all the people who think they're diseased and thanks to you realize they're not. For all the aces you saved and now know they're not alone. Thank you.

  10. Yeah, good questions, fabulous answers! 🙂 And congratulations again on 5,000!

    Oooh, oooh, #88 – "Most fun I've had with a troll?" – epic great answer. So, … is that reply in the comments somewhere that we can see? 🙂 … if so, where?

  11. Ah, mostly 90's anime. That's cool. I'm familiar with about 1/3rd of those, but I've found myself watching older stuff lately so it's good to have more titles to check out.

  12. lol at the Death Note comment. It really isn't horror, and Ryuk doesn't do anything except talk to the protagonist about what he is doing, and eat apples ^_^
    You should totally give it a try!

  13. Congratulations, Swankivy! Thanks to you, I'm starting to get into Steven Universe. I was a bit surprised to learn that The Mayor is voiced by Joel Hodgson, creator of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

  14. Hahaha that face you made at the beginning was the exact same I made when I saw how long the video was. I was expecting like a 10 minute video or less but I'm glad it's much longer~

    Really loved your answers! Especially the ATLA and LOK ones (Toph really is awesome) and the book answers. I'm finally reading Octavia Butler (started with Lilith's Brood) and I'm in loveeee with her work already. Also, woo, Ravenclaw pride! >:D

    I'm so glad you got to 5k subs! You definitely deserve them and many more 8D

  15. Thanks for answering my question. I don't sub to your other channel(was unaware of it) so I think I just missed you sharing you. To make it fair, I am a disabled physician that enjoys astronomy, magic the gathering, and my ukulele. peace!

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