10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman in Hijab

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2014-11-06 18:32:12

50 Replies to “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman in Hijab”

  1. Simple people might be afraid that if some one said anything to them they might labeled them as RACIST. And that dress code belongs to the faith that has religious extremists which blow the twin towers…I mean who know who she belongs to…..right…you might be in trouble…..

  2. This vedio has a little trick if notic the girle whith non hijab were in a poor place were is all was black mens but whith hijab she gone to a place were there was a other womens and alitle bit fansier

  3. She would be well dress in a place with smart developed people,but in the middle of a guetto you are not save even with a burka.
    I think both women and men should dress in a decent way but what is decent for civilized people is totally different from what is decent for 3rd world people's countries.
    To me,this is girl is dressed in a decent way.

  4. The Burka does work like it should !!!! Well done.
    She been not seen as whore like before, so the Burka is a big Plus all the way, finally be seen as a human being and not like a cumbag. And also she could not annoy japanese people with showing of all the hanging titis out.

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