Starcraft 2 LotV – DIMAGA vs Eiki – ZvP G1 – SC2 Pro Tournament

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SC2 LotV DIMAGA vs Eiki – ZvP tournament Game Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void pro games Map: Orbital Shipyard Nations: Norway vs Ukraine Game links: …

2016-01-17 21:00:02

3 Replies to “Starcraft 2 LotV – DIMAGA vs Eiki – ZvP G1 – SC2 Pro Tournament”

  1. Lurkers wreck protoss, he was purely relying on the lurkers to push, that's why no roaches… You're overestimating the protoss army a bit that competition is great against heavy stalker zealot play… Plus the early game he may have been afraid of air that's why pure hydra as well… I loved the part this cast where you corrected drones to probes haha I feel like my last comment got you to do that 😛

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