10,000Volt Hand Crank Generator

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In the video I do some experiments with one of the most powerful hand crank generators you can buy- I recently got it on eBay. In the beginning of the video I …

2014-02-11 10:04:14

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  1. How about joining with me to make the committee to let wind up clock charge batteries. I need more people who want renewable energy to get people interested if you write I'll share my video. Your device is excellent I can make a wind up clock charge batteries indefinitely with it.

  2. I was thinking about getting one of those .They would most likely out last a nuclear war.And restart society .LOL .Really 1 Question what should I look for in an old phone gen . I see yours has what looks to be 4 magnets? Would that be something that will be versatile .  I am new to learning about electric and am in the process of absorption at this stage.So if you have any free advice I am willing to down load it.I want to make a generator to possibly be modular. So if I want to put out more power I could fit in a different transformer or what ever main part needed. QUESTION .With a crank gen similar to yours.Could I power and or charge a 12v jumper box- inverter combo. or a car battery? Also when just cranking what component would one use in between crank gen and say a laptop or a smaller more sensitive device .How would you regulate.I have heard people say do not use computer with certain inverters? Thank You for any help or advice you may have..Please forgive me for my ignorance of the subject.Then again one does not know something untill you know it. God Bless

  3. It's a 5 Bar Magnet Western Electric Magneto 48-A. I got it on eBay $195 after shipping. It was for early long distance party line (multiple conversation) phone service it can put out 150+Volts AC if the magnets are fully charged these do lose magnetism over time and have to be recharged I will warn you If you pull one magnet out every magnet needs recharged and properly put back in. Yes the shock from it is plenty to kill you if circumstances are right and the current travels across your heart.

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