HEALTH CARE BANGKOK STYLE – Medical way forward Thai style

Do NOT use Kamagra if:

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2015-01-31 10:49:37

26 Replies to “HEALTH CARE BANGKOK STYLE – Medical way forward Thai style”

  1. Wtf are you doing? Are you trying to use antibiotics to get rid of your cough? +tommi Apopisso was a doctor but gave up for his passion of iPhone and photography. The reason the doctor would not give you antibiotics is because you don't need them fucker. This is unusual a doctor won't give you them as a lot of doctors prescribe unneeded medicine because they get kick backs. Antibiotics are for bacterial infections and will do nothing for your cough. I think your doctor already said it was from stress.
    All antibiotics will do is weaken your immune system if you take then all the time. Kill all the good bacteria in your gut and cause digestive problems. Last study I heard on the radio is antibiotics done virtually nothing for common flu's and bacterial infections and your better off just letting your immune system handle as the test subjects who were without antibiotics were getting over their common conditions as fast so people with antibiotics.
    They basically said the only time antibiotics should be used is for serious bacterial infections that are out of control. All your doing +ARCHIELUXURY is damaging your health more.

  2. Archibald Chesterfield what are you doing?! You're taking antibiotic without prescription?! Fuck me dead! Do you know how to use it? Don't do that you're creating superbugs! You're gonna make pharmaceutical companies richer because they will develop new antibiotics because the bug will develop resistance if you don't use antibiotic properly! Trust me on this. I am a microbiologist and a Registered Nurse. STOP DOING THAT!

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